13 Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

If you love spending time in the bathroom, and you love the outdoors — and you’re maybe a little bit of an exhibitionist — then you’ll really love these 13 bathrooms with an outdoor component. Some are more exposed than others, so you get a choice of how much you’d like to show off — but all are very beautiful, like a tiny tropical retreat within your own home.

Above: This dreamy bathroom from House Beautiful has both indoor and outdoor components, giving you a choice of exactly where you’d like to shower. The showers, though they’re exactly the same size, take on a different character thanks to different materials.

In this Australian home by Robson Rak Architects, the master bathroom looks out to a private garden with a tiny plunge pool.

This bathroom, in a Palm Beach house spotted on Architectural Digest, opens up to an outdoor shower. It’s the best of both worlds, really: the privacy of showering inside, the sunny bliss of showering outside.

Here’s another private outdoor shower, this one from Est Living. The brass finish of the outdoor showerhead reflects that of the indoor faucet, and helps to tie the whole thing together.

This bathroom, in a Fire Island house spotted on Houzz, provides you with the option of showering either outdoors or in.

This Japanese soaking tub, in a California home from Dwell, has a view to a small private garden.

This spacious shower, in a bathroom from Alexander Design via My Domaine, has a door to the outside, just in case you’d like to pop out and dry off in the sun.

In this house in Jakarta, spotted on Arch Daily, this tub-within-a-pool is surrounded by wooden slats, with acrylic louvers between which can be closed to provide privacy.

This luxurious bathroom, part of a Los Angeles house from Architectural Digest, via Planete Deco, opens up to the outdoors via a folding window.

The bathroom of this Japanese house, spotted on Arch Daily, opens to a petite, private courtyard. The use of the white gravel, which matches the bathroom’s white floor, helps to connect the two spaces.

The bathroom of this Japanese house, spotted on Arch Daily, segues almost seamlessly into a tiny, private courtyard.

In this home by Torren Bell, all you have to do is open the sliding window wall and the bathroom feels like an outdoor space.

And for one last treat, here’s a shower spotted on Breezway, where glass windows and a glass ceiling (and a wall of glass louvers) make showering indoors almost as good as showering out.

Can’t get enough? Follow this link for even more indoor/outdoor bathrooms.



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