Tiny Person, Tiny Room: Homes With Clever Solutions to Fitting in a Nursery

If only the universe were a little more accommodating, and every time you added a new person to your family, a new room would magically be added to your abode. Alas, it is not so. But the good news is that, for a while at least, little people do not take up very much space. (Their stuff can take up a ton of space, but that’s a completely different story.) If you’re racking your brains about where to fit your new addition in your current home, check out the ingenious ways these real-life small space dwellers fit a nursery into hardly any space at all.

From Stories, here’s a very sweet little nursery that tucks into a closet (after the doors were removed for safety). If your apartment is short on bedrooms, but not on closets, or you only have one closet but are willing to go the armoire route, this is a great way to give baby a space that, if it isn’t totally private, at least feels a bit removed.

This petite nursery, from Domino, also uses an opened up closet space optimized with drawers and baskets for storage.

Stylist Laura Hollabaugh created a nursery for her daughter Isla in what was once a long, narrow walk-in closet. You can see the whole thing at Mother Mag.

Designer Crystal Palecek converted an (admittedly quite large) walk-in closet in her San Francisco home into a nursery for her son. Image via her Instagram.

We tend to think of loft beds as the stuff of college dorms, but San Francisco residents Erin and Danny made use of a loft bed in their apartment’s tiny 7’x5′ bedroom to make room for a baby below. See more at Mother Mag.

In designer Carolyn Kim’s one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, a few feet at the foot of the bed provides a perfect spot for daughter Milo’s mini crib. See the whole thing at Design*Sponge.

Manhattan residents Sara and Gunnar used a little ingenuity to fit a nursery into their East Village apartment, hanging a bassinet and shelves at the foot of their bed in anticipation of their new arrival. See the whole thing at Refinery29.

Jesyka from Visual Vocabularie added a changing pad to the top of a dresser and tucked a petite crib next to it to create a “nursery wall” in the master bedroom.

Blogger Ashley from Baby Mine created a nursery in her 500 square foot Manhattan studio by tucking a crib into what was once a closet space. (This is also something you could do with the dead-end end of a hallway as long as there is proper ventilation and easily accessible, which is what I originally thought this was.) The animal wallpaper adds a cheerful touch and helps to distinguish the space.

Okay, maybe you can put baby in the corner — but it does help if you have a bassinet as pretty as this one, spotted on Thoughts from Alice. All you really need for baby is a small footprint — and a willingness to fit everything in.



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