Step Up Your Storage: My Favorite Way to Organize Blankets & Throws (& More!) — Currently Obsessed

Anytime I can share a completely stylish way to store everyday items, I jump at the opportunity. Though certainly not a novel idea, using a simple rung ladder (either vintage or modern) is actually one of my favorite ways to organize blankets and throws in a living room or bedroom. They take up hardly any floor space the way a basket can, and turn your soft goods into decor all their own. Not only that, but they also work great in bathrooms to hold towels, magazines, even hooks with wire baskets. Clip a clamp light on one, hang your jewelry off of it…the sky is the limit with these versatile gems. Take a look at nine examples of these ladders in action.

This show-stopping copper number from The Vintage Rug Shop is a DIY, and stands proud near the kitchen to hold tea towels and table linens.

Put a ladder to use in the bathroom if your linen closet space is limited. A two-toned paint job like the one shown here from hellolovehandmade’s Instagram is a great look, and could refresh an older, repurposed ladder.

The simplicity of wooden dowels and copper pipe fittings is all it takes to create a stunner like the one shown here from Darling Darleen.

File this idea away for when it comes time to bring out the holiday decor! Rustic and humble, this petite ladder from Liz Marie Blog can be made using found sticks and some twine.

I just love the utter simplicity of this ladder from The Merry Thought. This would work great in an entryway or bedroom to catch all kinds of odds and ends (with the help of some hooks, of course).

Similar to one shown above, here’s another do-it-yourself ladder from Foxtail and Moss.

A Burst Of Beautiful shows how a rustic ladder can fill an empty, awkward corner and introduce a hefty dose of coziness.

The copper and pine ladder here from Burkatron is a great combination that juxtaposes a modest material with something with a little more pizazz.

When in doubt, go black. A Merry Mishap chose to paint her DIY ladder a dark hue to contrast with her bright white space. Here, she uses it to hold accessories and some reading material.


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