10 of the Weirdest Things For Sale on Amazon

It’s Prime Day, and sure, you can spend your hard earned dollars on TVs or Instant Pots or what have you, but why be typical? You, dear reader, are an individual. And one way to show that is through your belongings. Perhaps one of these weird and wacky objects we’ve spotted on sale today speaks to you more than any regular old kitchen appliance. Here are a few of our favorite head-scratch inducing finds:

This grooming bib and clippings catcher will make sure none of your manly mane clogs the sink. Plus, it was seen on Shark Tank.

Those weird wax lips from your Halloween haul, now in dog form! Laugh for hours and hours as your pup looks on, blissfully unaware.

He’s real, and he’s gorgeous. Your very own Bigfoot stands 21 inches tall, though you can also order him in large or life size if you choose.

Prime Day is sort of like Christmas in July, so you might as well prep for all your hipster ugly sweater parties now, too. Sloths are so hot right now.

Indoor plumbing is a modern marvel, but this colorful porcelain throne light show is a revelation.

Nothing says “I’m a Millennial on vacation” quite like rainbow unicorn pool floats… for your beverages. Don’t @ me.

Aspiring Joey Chestnuts, we’ve got the unitasker for you.

Fences are great for keeping your pets safe, but they’re just so opaque. Give your curious doggo a real treat by letting them watch passersby with abandon.

Every meal is magical when you have wand shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Turn your four legged friend into a creature from Tatooine.



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