A Tiny Home in Rome With an Unusual Floor Plan & Luxe Look — Yellowtrace

The sort of aesthetic that we associate with the words “bachelor pad”—dark colors, dark woods, lots of chrome and leather—doesn’t usually appeal to me. But there’s something about this bachelor pad that I just cannot resist. All the finishes—the dark marble backsplash, the wood-paneled walls, the brass that frames the kitchen doorway—are so luxurious that I wish I could reach out and touch them through my computer screen. The louche, ’70s vibe is so different from the careful, minimalist interiors that are current in interior design right now, and yet still somehow so cool.

This apartment also has one of the more complicated floor plans I’ve seen, especially for a relatively small apartment, so I will try to break it down for you. The architects, via Yellowtrace, have provided both a plan and a section, which is quite helpful in understanding how the place is laid out.

The apartment’s main level comprises the kitchen, dining room, and living room, with terraces on either side. (The kitchen terrace overlooks a courtyard, while the one adjoining the living room has a view of the city.) A staircase flanked by cabinetry (so the stair hall doubles as a closet) leads to the second level.

On the second level is a loft bedroom, which sits over the dining room. From there, an elevator takes you up to the space that is the home’s crowning glory: a little roof terrace that the architects converted into a lofty bathroom. It’s definitely not the most conveniently placed bathroom I’ve seen—although the view is unbeatable.

Throughout the apartment, and even in the bathroom, rich materials such as black and white marble, brass, and finely grained woods lend a feeling of luxury to every surface. It’s rich without feeling heavy, thanks to the skylights that pierce the roof and bring light to the apartment’s interior.

It’s definitely a space that takes luxury very seriously, while making the very most of its small footprint—the perfect home for a bachelor, or anyone looking to live the single life in style. You can see the whole thing at Yellowtrace.



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