Free Money: These Gift Cards Are 20% Off On Amazon Today

Do you like free money? Well good news, because today, Amazon is selling select gift cards for 20 percent off.

The deals are part of the retailer’s third annual Prime Day, which includes discounts on over 100,000 products across categories (We’re curating our favorites all day, in case you’d rather not browse through them all yourself). $50 gift cards are going for $39.50.

If you frequent any of these retailers, an instant 20 percent off is a pretty easy sell. Unsurprisingly, the gift cards are selling out rather quickly, so it would be smart to set up an alert to the deals that have yet to go live if you’re interested in snagging them (Amazon will send you an app notification when it’s available).

Some gift cards that are going live today include:

To see all of them, you can sort by department – gift cards on Amazon’s Prime Day landing page.

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