Why You Need a Round Mirror In Your Life & Where To Get One

Think about your home. Are the shapes of your furnishings — tables, cabinets, doors, windows — mostly square or rectangular? You’re in good company. Most homes are filled with straight lines, which is perhaps why I’ve been seeing circles come around the design scene so much recently. Not only are circle shapes sprouting up in homes of all sizes, but there’s a specific way in which I’m seeing circles incorporated in interiors: gorgeous round mirrors.

Too many lines — or not enough curves — in a room can give off bad vibes. If you don’t actively work to soften the elements in your home, you might end up with a home that feels cold and uncomfortable. What can you do to circumvent the bad vibes? Add more curves, of course!

And round mirrors rock not just because they can add organic curves to soften a space…their reflective quality makes them the perfect tool for helping a room feel bigger and brighter.

Below, see how much they add to these beautiful homes and then find shopping resources for each round mirror pictured.

IKEA’s STOCKHOLM mirror, at only $99.99, looks great in many different styles of rooms.

This Round Hanging Mirror with hanging strap from John Lewis starts at £50 (about $65).

This Round Brass Mirror from Target is only $44.99.

The round mirrors in the above bathroom are from IKEA, and these similar ones (also from IKEA) are only $39.99 each.

The collection of round Averly Circle Mirrors range from $19.00 – $79.00 and can be purchased from Urban Outfitters.

The Indar Hanging Mirror & Hook is from Rowen & Wren and costs about $250.

This Wood Geometric Mirror from World Market isn’t quite an exact circle but still gives off round vibes. It’s $129.99.

This Tork Brass Mirror from CB2 is $229.

Have I convinced you to get a round mirror into your life yet?



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