How To Organize Your Pantry for $49 and One Trip to the Store

Not working with a ton of pantry storage in your kitchen? No problem. Turns out there are tons of clever ways to score a super organized cupboard; even if you’re lacking in cabinet space. All you need is around fifty bucks and internet access—or a trip to your local superstore. Whether you just try one of these foolproof DIYS or all five, you’ll wind up with a significantly better pantry than you started with and enough money left in your monthly budget to go grocery shopping afterwards.

1. Sort your larger foodstuff with baskets

Cost: $15
Materials: Two or three medium-sized storage baskets
Inspiration: The Container Store

Is there anything a stylish storage basket can’t do? Whether you opt for one or twenty, woven or wire, open baskets are an easy way to sort and access your larger pantry items—think: cereal boxes, bags of chips, and paper towels—and stylish enough to place in plain sight.

2. Create extra storage space with a shelf doubler or under-shelf baskets

Cost: $15
Materials: An under shelf basket and a shelf doubler
Inspiration: Better Homes & Gardens

In most cases, a “pantry” usually refers to the tiny cabinet with one or two shelves near your stove. Luckily, with the help of a shelf doubler and an under shelf basket, you can forge up to twice the amount of storage space—no contractor necessary.

3. Store your produce in magazine files

Cost: $7
Materials: Two magazine holders
Inspiration: Buzzfeed

Who knew magazine holders could double as sleek storage containers for your fruits and veggies? Just set a couple of sturdy magazine files inside your cupboard or along your countertop and voila: you can separate and stash your veggies with ease.

4. Organize your cans with stackable bins

Cost: $7
Materials: Start with one stackable bin and add as needed
Inspiration: Amazon

Looking for an effective way to organize all of your canned goods that won’t take up an entire cabinet? All you need is a single stacking bin (ideally with an open front) to start organizing your cans; then simply add more as needed for a vertical-style storage solution.

5. Forge a pantry drawer for smaller items

Cost: $5
Materials: An organizing tray
Inspiration: The Home Edit

If your cabinets are already at capacity, fret not my friends. The organizing gurus at The Home Edit are here to remind us that with nothing more than a flatware tray, you can forge your very own pantry drawer to stash spices, snacks, and other small items.


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