Dream Home Status: 5 Personality-Filled New York Lofts to Ogle — City Style

Of course, there are loft apartments all over the world, but a loft apartment feels particularly right for New York, a city that is constantly reinventing itself, where buildings (and people) continually find new purposes. If you crave tall ceilings, raw, beautifully textured surfaces, and a certain industrial je ne sais quoi, then this roundup of New York loft apartments is for you.

Alina Preciado, the founder of online housewares store Dar Gitane, lives in a roomy loft on the Brooklyn waterfront, at the southern edge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The loft was abandoned when she purchased it, but she fell in love with the apartment’s spaciousness and beautiful light. Although she’s made plenty of changes to the space, including the addition of a white “sleeping cube” that functions as the unit’s bedroom, the apartment still retains a healthy dose of that raw, industrial character. See more at Inside Out.

This Chelsea loft is all one room (with the exception of the bathroom), but the soaring ceilings give it a feeling of spaciousness. A patchwork of ceiling tiles adds an extra dose of texture and character, and at the back of the loft, dark walls create a sense of depth. See more at Casa Vogue.

This Brooklyn loft is home to Jose Alvarez, who left Wall Street after 10 years to start a fragrance business. Soaring ceilings make it feel more like a palace than an apartment, but the exposed brick walls and raw concrete ceiling speak to the building’s industrial past. (The designer is Jae Joo, whose Brooklyn home we featured in our roundup of brownstones last week.) See more at Homepolish.

Many loft apartments we’ve seen embrace a neutral palette, letting their industrial finishes do the talking, but this Brooklyn loft has a healthy dose of hues. Various panes of color, which can be seen across the unit’s expansive main room, help to define different spaces. See more at Architectural Digest.

This loft, in the far-flung Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park, is a massive 800 square meters (approx. 8,600 square feet)—the kind of square footage most New Yorkers would scarcely even dare to dream of. It’s home to Dutch stylist Carin Scheve, her husband Francesco, and their son Milo, and there’s plenty of space left over for the various photo shoots and events that they host in the space. See more at Elle.

Any thoughts on these loft homes? Chime in on your favorites and which you could see yourself living in!



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