Unexpectedly Chic: 6 Super Stylish DIY Ideas Using Bungee Cords

If you haven’t already jumped into this trend, you should. Bungee cords have been used for over a century – they’re practical, lightweight, and flexible (and no, I don’t just mean that they’re elastic). They’ve served many purposes, and I am especially loving how they are stretching their way more and more into the furniture and design realms. So direct your attention away from garages, bike storage and adrenaline-junkies, and check out these six ways to incorporate bungee cords into your DIY projects at home.

These DIYs are in no way limited to furniture, as shown in Dwell, withParisian Architect Nicolas Roche’s custom room divider made of colorful bungee cording.

Bungee chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but this neutral Scandinavian-inspired chair is on the top of my list for future DIY projects. How easy would it be to purchase a simple chair frame, remove the seat and back, and add a unique bungee pattern instead?

This simple DIY magazine shelf from Martha Stewart would make the perfect weekend project for decluttering your home.

Sideboards and bungees? Yes, please. Using endless bungee cording or bungee cords with hooks, you can update your sideboards, media stands and bookshelves like designer Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman’s “Cuerda” sideboard, or Cyril de Moulins‘ unique sliding bungee cord designs.

For the more minimalist – and perhaps more ambitious – DIYer, this tutorial from Henry Swanzy shows you how to put together a strong and simple coffee table using bungee cord tension for stability. Make your own variation, or save yourself some time and purchase his exact model here.

The perfect cross between form and function, Leala Dymond’s bungee sofa design can translate to your upcoming seating hacks, using bungee cording to attach cushions to sofa frames and grid patterns that double as storage for remotes, magazines, and in my case, the latest New York Times.



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