Beautiful Rustic Bathrooms and Why We Love Them

Here’s a look I’m loving lately for the bathroom: spaces with a bit of raw texture, a touch of the rustic and the imperfect. Concrete, worn wood, and terra cotta tiles invite the eye to linger, adding a warm and even organic touch to a space that sometimes tends towards the sterile. Feast your eyes on these nine bathrooms to find a little inspiration for your next remodel, or just a little break from the ordinary.

Texture and pattern come together beautifully in this bathroom from Elle Decoration. Exposed concrete and patterned cement tiles give this modern bathroom a stylish, moody edge.

An antique vanity and patterned concrete tile give this vintage-style bathroom from House Nerd an extra dose of character.

Concrete can sometimes read as a cold or forbidding material, but the texture of the concrete walls and floor in this bathroom from VMD Studio feels warm, almost organic. The pebble tiles on the floor of the shower contribute to the experience.

Exposed beams add a rustic touch to the bathroom of a Paris apartment, spotted on Cote Maison. The stone sink and the sliding door, made of recycled flooring, complete the look.

This bathroom, from Elle Decor Italia via Interiors by Color, is all about texture — the worn wood of the wall, the fluted sides of the stone sink. I’m not sure I’d want to clean it, but I’d love to stay here for a night.

Cabinets clad in wood and a vintage pharmacy cabinet add a rustic touch to the bathroom of a Texas home spotted on Domino.

Terra cotta tiles line the walls of this bathroom in Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie’s house designed by Hammer and Spear (seen on Elle Decor via Yahoo News), and provide the perfect backdrop to an antique steel tub.

A brick floor is a bit unusual for a bathroom, but in this space from Rue Mag, it adds a gracious, rustic warmth.

I wouldn’t mind spending a little time in this moody bathroom from Dwell. The patterned concrete tiles add a little pattern and a bit of a timeless feel to a very modern space.

If you’re not distracted by the view, you might notice that the cast concrete tub in this Greek home (spotted on Yatzer) is also a thing of beauty.

Exposed concrete and brick add warmth and character to the bathroom of a Parisian loft, from Rum Hemma via Design Dose.


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