13 Kitchens with Showstopping Sinks

When’s the last time you got excited about a sink? The sink, especially the kitchen sink, is an object generally known more for its function than its beauty. But these 13 sinks manage to get the job done, and look good doing it. In fact, I think you could say that they steal the show — a testament to the power of design to elevate even the humblest objects.

The porcelain farmhouse sink in this kitchen from Jonathan Tuckey Design gets a whole island all to itself, almost as if it’s on display. The copper faucet, with its exposed copper piping, makes for an equally dramatic companion.

In this Portuguese summer house from The Style Files, a rustic stone sink makes washing dishes an entirely unique experience.

Brass is a bit of an unexpected choice, and elevates the sink in this kitchen from Houzz from a humble utilitarian object to the focal point of the room.

The hammered copper sink in this kitchen from Residential Architect is a little more understated, but no less lovely.

A wooden sink? Yes, it’s possible (and very beautiful). This one, in a Copenhagen apartment from Alt, is made from teak from an old boat, treated with epoxy lacquer.

A deep, farmhouse-style soapstone sink steals the show in this kitchen by Gerry Smith.

Eye-catching sinks don’t have to be made of unusual materials or prohibitively expensive: this one, in a kitchen from Design Milk, is just a standard drop-in steel sink, in a striking black.

The hammered brass sink in this kitchen from Veranda is particularly eye-catching, and might even distract you (for a moment) from that dreamy starry ceiling.

In this kitchen from Rafe Churchill, a soapstone sink makes for a genteel, old-world feel.

Made in Muebles makes these kitchen cabinets of recycled wood, which include showstopping sinks in natural stone. Photo via Houzz.

The all-white palette of this kitchen from Munger Interiors allows the beautiful brass sink (and those beautiful white marble counters) to really shine.

I’m a little jealous of the person who lives in this kitchen from Domino, and gets to do their dishes in that gorgeous black marble sink every day.

And finally there’s this brass sink in a kitchen from Dromme Kjokkenet, a beautiful touch of luxury that you can enjoy every day.



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