The Best Built-ins for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place where you sleep, but it’s probably also a place where you keep a lot of stuff. One way to keep that space serene and uncluttered is with built-ins. Whether you’re dealing with a tiny bedroom or a very big one, built-in storage can be the secret to a dream, relaxing, effortlessly organized space.

Above: I love the wall of built-ins that surrounds the head of the bed in this attic bedroom from Design Boom. There’s plenty of storage for clothes and books, and clever cutouts by the side of the bed mean that the bottom shelves function as nightstands, too.

There’s a similar setup in this bedroom from Elle Decoration, where built-in cabinets around the head of the bed provide plenty of storage, and add a cozy touch to a high-ceilinged space. The bookshelves by the side of the bed are a nice touch (and can also function as a nightstand, too).

This bedroom from Kinfolk has a built-in platform bed, flanked by built-in nightstands that flow seamlessly into the wall.

In this bedroom from Houzz, a custom bed/dresser combo means that the bed can float serenely in the middle of the room. From the vantage point of the sleeper, the room is airy and uncluttered, but there’s still plenty of storage.

The recessed bookshelf in this bedroom from Design Milk has a pleasingly minimal aspect.

In this bedroom from Jersey Ice Cream Co., via Front + Main, the bed is surrounded by a wall of storage, including these little ledges that are the perfect tiny nightstand (with a little storage for bedtime reading right underneath).

This bedroom from Refinery29 has a wall of built-in bookcases that surround a feature I’ve wanted in my bedroom since childhood — a window seat.

If you need a workspace in your bedroom, creating a build-in one is one way to create a neat look, and keep clutter to a minimum. In this bedroom from Desire to Inspire, a little nook serves as both built-in workspace and cozy reading spot.

The low-slung bookcases in this bedroom from Freunde von Freunden are a little less obtrusive than full-height ones, but still a great spot for storage.

Say goodbye to unsightly laundry baskets with built-in fold-out laundry drawers, like these spotted on Houzz.

The bed surrounded by a wall of shelving is sort of theme of this post, and this setup, from Habitually Chic, might be my favorite. After all, what’s cozier than falling asleep surrounded by books?


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