I Can’t Get Enough of Modern Clocks: Here Are My Absolute Favorites — Maxwell’s Fantastic Find

This week I was in Seattle, visiting with folks from Amazon, and looking for some good Fantastic Finds down in Pike Place Market. I didn’t find any! Turns out there’s a lot of good food, but it’s overly touristy and also filled with a lot of vintage and collectible stalls that don’t work for this column (So, GO to Seattle, enjoy, but stay here for Fantastic Finds). Empty handed, I realized that I hadn’t yet shared my obsession with clocks and my growing clock collection. Here are my recent faves…

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My most recent purchase, this oversized flip clock is fully naked so you can see everything, except that the flipping is so fast it’s hard to catch! A mesmerizing purchase, I set it up in my office a few weeks ago and two of us watched it move for fifteen minutes before realizing we had work to do.

IKEA produces a classic wall clock about every decade, and I would say that this is the latest. I have mine in my office at home. It is a cool, dark, chic piece of graphic wall art in my mind. And it tells time. And it’s less than $20. Rock on, IKEA.

I have come to love the simplicity of the Swiss railway clock design, which Mondaine has now turned into multiple versions for desk, wall and wrist. A bit more expensive than IKEA for sure, I particularly love the small red one on the far right. I bought three of them for the walls of our office. It’s a keeper.

On my wrist for the past few months, I LOVE how big and bold this watch face is, BUT it’s not bulky on my wrist. It’s just the nice simple white ticks on black that show the time. It also comes with a cute red strap and a white face. Very 2017.

This is the coolest clock around AND about the most expensive, which makes it one to lust for. Hard to see in the pic above (check out the video I made for Insta Stories above), the Qlocktwo is really a work of art and it moves silently and amazes all who see it. If you win the Lotto, buy the BIG one which is north of $3k and be the envy of your whole neighborhood.

Got a great idea for a Fantastic Find? Send your submission to molly@apartmenttherapy.com!

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