A 365-Square-Foot Swedish Apartment (With a Killer Kitchen)

What do you do with a tiny apartment with a really tall ceiling? Go vertical, of course. The Swedes are experts on design, and experts on small spaces, and this tiny apartment in Gothenburg, which makes brilliant use of its 365 square feet, is just further proof.

What this apartment lacks in floor space it makes up in vertical space, and the designers have taken full advantage of that. There’s a loft bedroom which tucks neatly on top of the unit’s bathroom, and manages to be not too cramped thanks to the unit’s 12-foot ceilings. There’s a railing to keep you from falling out of bed, a nice concession to safety, although access is still by a ladder (shown here hanging next to the bathroom door), so this is still a home for someone relatively young and sprightly.

Thanks to the efficiency of the bedroom and bathroom, the kitchen has a little more room to spread out, and is actually quite spacious for an apartment of this size. There’s plenty of counter space and storage space, and an apartment-sized dishwasher and oven are just the right scale for the space. I love the wall-mounted shelf immediately to the right of the window — a clever way to turn a tiny bit of wall into useful storage.

The little closet is a bit on the small side — but chances are, if you’re living in an apartment this small, you don’t have a ton of stuff. And there’s sufficient floor space for a dresser or armoire, if you so desire. I might cover the closet with a rolling shade, kind of like Akhira did in her Brooklyn studio — but that’s about the only thing I’d change.

This apartment has sold, which is very sad for you if you’re an agile type who loves cooking and is looking for a small, beautifully outfitted apartment in Gothenburg. But if you’re just looking to feel inspired (or maybe to imagine, for a moment, your life as an agile type who loves cooking and lives in a small, beautifully outfitted apartment in Gothenburg), then you’re in luck, because there are plenty more photos of the apartment (including the bathroom!) over at Entrance.



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