So, You Want to Grow an Indoor Garden…A Guide to Getting Started

A well-kept indoor garden is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only can a good group of houseplants improve your mood and your home’s air quality, they make a stylish addition to just about any space. To help make your indoor gardening endeavors a whole lot easier, we’ve rounded up some practical products and expert tips to channel your inner green thumb. From grow lights to terrariums – including some advice from a pro – here’s how to turn your home into a greenhouse, in no time.

Rebecca Bullene of Greenery NYC shares her foolproof indoor gardening tips for channeling your inner green thumb:

1. Pick the right plant for your place: “The number one thing you can do to ensure success with your indoor garden is to assess your environmental conditions and choose plants that do well in the space you have. If you haven’t had much success with plants, try some of the easy ones first like Ponytail Palm, ZZ and Sansevieria.”

2. Know your light: “Once you know what kind of light your plant needs, you can test your available light to ensure you have a match. Light Meter App is a great tool for testing your available light for any area you might want to put plants.”

3. Be consistent with water: “The key to happy plants is consistency. If you have trouble remembering to water, think about putting your plants in a sub-irrigated planter, which has an indicator that tells you when it’s time to refill, and a water reservoir that lets the plants drink when they need to (and means less frequent refills).”


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