Before and After: A “Luxe Bohemian” Bedroom Gets a Refresh

Bridget’s “luxe bohemian” Oakland apartment is full of unique furniture, eccentric art, and beautiful textiles. But even all of those wonderful elements combined can make a space feel cluttered and disorderly, as Bridget says was the case in her bedroom. “It was starting to feel clunky and granny-ish. There were big, heavy furniture pieces and too many color schemes.” To fix that, Bridget got the idea to rearrange large furniture pieces and mix it up with new art. The end result is an open, refreshing space that feels bright, rebellious and harmonious at the same time.

In case you missed the House Tour of Bridget’s fabulous apartment, below is a look at her bedroom, which was full of color, rich textiles, and vintage art. There wasn’t anything “wrong” with the space, but Bridget wanted a bed that wasn’t as bulky, and art that gave the space a new look and feel.

Though the changes in Bridget’s bedroom weren’t too drastic, they show that minor adjustments and rotating things can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at some of the adjustments and how they enhance the space.

Bridget scrapped the bulky canopy bed for something lighter and more modern but that maintained a romantic vibe. When she spotted this vintage bed at a local shop, she immediately asked the owners if they would sell it to her. After they told her it was for display only, Bridget offered her canopy bed in exchange. She somehow got them to budge and accept her offer. “The new bed allowed for more flow,” Bridget says. “Those big heavy posts where fun, but this is elegant, Belle Epoch meets Andy Warhol,” Bridget says.

Bridget also moved her dresser to the opposite wall, where her bed used to be. Previously, a larger mirror was propped on top of the dresser, along with a large lamp and other collected knick-knacks. She swapped those for a smaller lamp and colorful needlepoint art (pictured above), and condensed the items on the dresser surface to keep it from looking messy. “The art is strange and modern,” Bridget says. “The apple taking a bite out of itself is hilarious to me and the girl looks demented and also hilarious, but they hold together as images.” The end result is a more balanced vignette — both in height and color.

When Bridget bought this armoire, she couldn’t fit it into her bedroom, which is what initially prompted her to rearrange. A wide view of Bridget’s room now shows a more bright, open and spacious bedroom. Previously, her bed was smack-dab in the middle, which took up a lot of space and blocked natural light. Moving her bed towards the entry now allows Bridget (and her two cats) to roam freely without bumping into the bed. As an added bonus, she now wakes up to spectacular views of her beautiful Oakland neighborhood.

It’s no secret that a simple way to update any bedroom is to change the bedding. When we last saw it, Bridget’s bed showcased various shades of red and pink. She created a new color scheme using blues, red and purples, and mixed patterns to create a romantic vibe that complements the furniture and artwork. The art piece at right was previously mounted above the bed over an ornate tapestry. Bridget removed the tapestry to avoid patterns that clash, resulting in a more harmonious sleeping area.

The triptych at the entry was previously in Bridget’s bedroom, but due to the art’s large size, she had to split up the pieces. Placing it at the entry kept the art as intended and provides Bridget with a beautiful work space backdrop (plus, it bounces some of the natural light back into the living room).

One thing hasn’t changed: Bridget’s fabulous personal style! “I love chic antiques with very 1970s graphic and space age elements,” she says about her home decor aesthetic. “Now the bedroom has many influences: art nouveau, space age, chinoiserie, neo classical, a ’70s graphic.” It’s likely the space will change a few months from now, as her home is always evolving.

Thank you, Bridget!


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