Rock Your Home with Graphic Tile From Sweden’s Marrakech Design — Maxwell’s Fantastic Find

If you don’t already know that I’ve spent the last year and a half building a house, you should check out my posts that have documented the process since last January 2016. As I approach the finish line (move in some furniture next week), I want to use my Fantastic Find slot to showcase some of the remarkable sources and products that I’ve put into the project. One of the biggest visually has got to be using Marrekech Design’s Kelim tile, which was designed by Mats Thesilius. Below, I’ll show you some of the inspiration pics as well as a video I shot yesterday walking you into the rooms.

This is the picture that I copied to my pinboard that launched a thousand ships…

As you will see in my house, I tried to copy this pattern exactly in order to: a) get the effect I liked; and also b) to learn how to mix with these graphic shapes.

What I particularly like about these tiles is how they combine Scandinavian and Arabic design elements, as they say below:

Mats Theselius

Raval and Kelim – two design collections by Mats Theselius for Marrakech Design

Our collaboration with Mats Theselius comprises two distinctly different series: Raval and Kelim. Raval was inspired by Mats sabbatical years in Barcelona. Kelim in its turn consists of four patterns – Goose-eye, Herringbone, Hook and Woody, the inspiration being a Moroccan Kelim-carpet. For both series Mats Theselius has aimed to combine Scandinavian and Arabic design elements for a contemporary expression. The designs have won several awards.

Some more inspiration, which shows how a few simple turns can totally change the feeling of the overall pattern.

And this shows you how we worked out the pattern so that we could give it to the contractor. We used a small copy paper version, which we could – with difficulty – move around and then, finally, tape down:

This was the install moment back in February…

The Downstairs Bathroom

This bathroom is the heavy duty bathroom as it serves the main floor and two guest rooms. I chose the Goose-Eye pattern in indigo/milk, turning it to create a very centered, all over pattern. Here’s the latest post BTW.

The Upstairs Bathrooms

The upstairs bathrooms are large and comfortable, each serving one room. Here I went with the wild pattern that some people find a bit too much, but I love it. It’s fresh and lively, while the rest of the house is very subdued.

The Basement Bathroom

The basement bathroom was an afterthought, and I was lucky to have extra tile left over for it (ordering more at this point, would have been expensive and slowed down the project). Figuring out a pattern that could use the leftovers and look good took some time. We played with paper until we got it right. Mixing in the blue to the black and white at first seemed too crazy, but we had no choice and I LIKE it better this way.

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