10 Bookmark-Worthy Etsy Stores for Vintage Art Lovers

Vintage art always feels unique, personal and it carries a lot of history and whimsy — which is what makes it so fun to hunt down. One of our go-to sources? Etsy, though it takes a lot of sifting. To get you started on where to look, we gathered some great sellers of vintage art; they carry everything from maps and oils to old-school movie posters. Prepare your walls, because it’s going to be hard to say no to what you’ll find when you start looking through their selections…

Add a vintage touch to your living room or kitchen with a vintage pull down chart. From butterfly species to rolled-up maps that will throw you back to third grade history class, these are a quirky addition to any room.

Mighty Vintage is all about finding something different, so you can bet that the art in stock will bring something special to your room. Timea, the owner, focuses on finding things that are extraordinary and strange, quirky and playful. In her profile she shared, “Sometimes I take friends along for a hunt, and I find one of those weird pieces and hold it up with glee, and one of them just goes: ‘What the hell do you want with that?’ I just grin and as soon as they see it in the shop, they get it.” Her shop has a bevvy of fun pull-down art, from flower prints to shark charts.

If you love old-timey maps, this is the place to get them. Vintage world maps, state maps and country maps will add a touch of interest to any room’s aesthetic for anyone who wonders how things looked a hundred years back.

If you like to decorate your walls with an interesting array of posters, then this shop is for you. Focusing on vintage originals, you can find anything from classic Warhol pieces to old film festival and movie premiere prints. You can bring some old-school-cool into your house with their selections.

Vintage School Posters offer exactly what their name promises: vintage school posters. Carrying everything from book illustrations to plant charts, they have a charming selection of mid-century prints.

If you want to collect authentic movie posters, then this store will make your heart do cartwheels. Just a quick peek shows you they carry an original poster of Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina, as well as John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever. You’ll get to nail history to your wall!

If you have a gallery wall, why not mix in some charming New Yorker covers to give an eccentric touch to your aesthetic? From cityscapes to fashion prints, there’s a cover for every style and taste.

Another one for map lovers. Carrying nearly 1,500 different options, you’ll definitely find a print that matches your fancy (or the fancy of a friend you’re gift shopping for). From old country maps to city prints to world maps, your walls can be adorned with wanderlust. What more could a traveler ask for?

Should you be looking for something other than a print, Vintage Art UA (based out of Ukraine, though they ship worldwide) carries a robust selection of original oil portraits, landscapes and still lifes.

With over 700 vintage prints (both original and some that are downloadable to print yourself), check out French Vintage Prints if you’d love to add old school charts, advertisements, and animal and botanical prints.



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