I Found Florida’s Crayon Box: LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

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It is no secret that our seasonal shifts are subtle in the Sunshine State. What I used to spend on wool coats and snow boots in colder climes, I now pour into my bathing suit fund, and — give or take a few cold fronts and tropical storms –for the most part, we can rely on a steady supply of sunny skies here.

But I still crave a little shift in the color palette with my seasons — golds and browns and russets in the fall, deep plaids and forest greens in the winter, pastels in the spring and in summer. Bright bold primary colors — from sunny yellows and grassy greens to the satisfying contrasts of nautical blues and reds.

I found an explosion of these summer colors last week in a little trip our family took to stay at LEGOLAND’s new Beach Retreat and, of course, check out the theme park, which was the perfect match for our little ones. What we discovered is a virtual crayon box hiding in the town of Winter Haven, Florida.

Voila! Summer’s boldest and brightest colors…

 photo print 14_zpsupqshksy.jpg

 photo print 15_zps5axkxsmg.jpg

 photo print 55_zpsyq4uxemw.jpg

See what I mean? Crayon box.

 photo print 11_zpssgvsnunu.jpg

I don’t know why we held off so long in introducing Legos to our kids, but after noticing that Dash was always playing with them at preschool, we bought our first big introductory set last Christmas — and realized we should have done it long ago. All of our kids play with them, but Dash loves them best. So it was no surprise that when we opened the door to our Beach Retreat bungalow room, Dash immediately found the Legos in the kids’ room (twin bunk beds and a roll-out trundle, so all three kids had their own bed).

 photo print 5_zpszuyaimso.jpg

 photo print 7_zpsos9u384e.jpg

I asked Lainey if she wanted to help me take some pictures of our stay and loved watching her jump right into photographer mode, finding the most colorful backdrops and capturing the scene with her siblings.

 photo print 9_zpsxkj1bewq.jpg

 photo print 8_zpspcgf8sbq.jpg

Big hits with my kids?

The giant foam Legos at the Beach Retreat pool that not only interlock like real Legos but float in the pool…

 photo print 43_zpsq1gshmgz.jpg

 photo print 44_zpstqycuz5u.jpg

The hidden Lego critters hidden all over the grounds…

 photo print 46_zpsp1zktjy6.jpg

The playground right outside our room…

 photo print 13_zps55bygpjb.jpg

…the pool campfire at night…

 photo print 2_zpsjf6tgssb.jpg

…and “that Lego room,” as Dash called our mural.

 photo print 49_zpsfjtwflxz.jpg

 photo print 50_zpsnkwvjpb0.jpg

Mama’s favorites?

Those colors…

 photo print 41_zpsbi4tcuha.jpg

…those smiles.

 photo print 17_zpsmwzz22gz.jpg

 photo print 23_zpsnpqnneiy.jpg

 photo print 21_zpsvfvl5zlp.jpg

…those kids finally carrying their own gosh darn bags…

 photo print 57_zpsj6oqmao3.jpg

…those memories.

 photo print 47_zpsvmbxtdcn.jpg

 photo print 26_zpsn7hocqmc.jpg

 photo print 27_zps2vtwgrzh.jpg

 photo print 35_zpsaczmmdi9.jpg

 photo print 56_zpsyseruvlf.jpg

I love that our little Florida town holds our friends and favorite beaches for sunset swims whenever we feel the sirens calling. But when we’re craving a little more adventure, a little more color, all we have to do is hop on that freeway and explore so much more of what our state offers.

 photo print 37_zps3ncrrl9x.jpg

 photo print 36_zpsueoi6k6e.jpg

 photo print 30_zpsvxdovtmc.jpg

 photo print 34_zpsz6qwiiuu.jpg

Happy kids, happy summer.

 photo print 38_zpsv4tyu2v1.jpg

 photo print 32_zpsi3k66aiu.jpg

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of VISIT FLORIDA. The opinions and text are all mine.

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