Let’s Explore: Online Museums

Trying to beat summer boredom? I thought you might appreciate this post that was originally shared here a decade ago, and was written by my friend Allysha:

Did you know there are online museums? Most brick-and-mortar museums have websites, and some even have exhibits online, but I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about museums that exist entirely in cyberspace. Here’s a list (called the Museum of Online Museums) that includes listings for traditional and non-traditional museums alike.

As examples, here are two museums I want to introduce you to today:

First, The American Package Museum. It’s a collection of old American packaging for all sorts of things from Scotch tape to Brillo soap pad boxes and more. Not only is it completely entertaining, but some of the package design is really cool to look at. You can find wonderful graphic design inspiration there.

Next up, we have The Museum of Useful Things, which is all about “celebrating the Beauty of Function in everyday objects.” The Useful Things they exhibit are beautiful in form and function.

And you can buy some of them, too, if you’d like. Because, truth be told, this museum is also/actually a little store, full of interesting things. But they have a noble purpose. You can have some of that beautiful form and function in your own home! Maybe you’ll appreciate those mundane tasks of life a little more, now.

(And really, the whole museum/store thing is just a dissertation in the making, I can feel it. Anyone out there studying culture and media? Here you go!)

The actual MUT (as it is called) is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But that does not limit us. We have the internet. So, go! Have a nice stroll through the museum.


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