Little Luxurious Upgrades: Super Stylish DIY Leather Accents

If you haven’t gathered from one of our previous posts, we love leather. Leather has the ability to really transform a space. Whether you’re going for a rustic look, a bohemian earthy space (check out Atelier de Curiosite’s leather planters above), glam, or simple yet modern, it adds interest and, in my opinion, makes everything feel a little more finished. It takes your home decor from that college dorm room “temporary fix” feel, to more of a “I’m an adult, I’m investing, I’m adding permanence without breaking the bank.” But leather isn’t ageist, so that means these next 16 DIY projects are for you, yeah, you – whoever you are, whatever your age, and whatever skill level and style you possess.

Why not jump right in with this leather bench tutorial from Rachel Denbow for A Beautiful Mess? It’s perfect for entryways, at the foot of the bed, or even dining room seating.

For the leather beginner, these leather frames from Paper & Stitch are perfect for your organic modern space. Use vegetable-dyed strips to keep things light and airy and less country-chic.

Vintage Revival built this amazing indoor wall trellis, complete with leather “holsters” for plants galore. Learn how to make your own here.

Why not update your paper towel holder for a sleek leather and dowel rack? Martha Stewart, of course, can show you how.

Window treatments can very easily be adorned with leather detail, like Hedda Hytter’s roman shades, complete with a leather strap connected to the curtain rod with metal rings.

Even more simple is the leather cording curtain tie-backs created by Grace Bonney. Beading and tassels pair perfecting.

These Jungalow wall pockets are as boho bungalow as it gets. Great for catching all those trinkets, keys, and pens that make their way onto entryway tables.

And speaking of entryways, this DIYable wall rack from A Pair & A Spare takes home organization up to a whole new level.

For the wine aficionado, leather strips are superb for wine racks, as seen in this project from DIY with Love . They’re flexible to fit most bottle shapes and sizes, and look pretty fresh even when displayed against your kitchen backsplash.

No details left unnoticed, this hack from Martha Stewart can be applied to almost any shelving unit. Attach strips of leather to the edge of your shelves for a thoughtful addition to your workspace.

Helena Nord created some beautiful hanging lights, perfect for a modern rustic space. Retailers sell similar pendants for over $300, so consider this a must-do for leather lovers.

Lastly, and perhaps most simply, is the idea of using leather ribbon or cord as curtain hooks as seen in this bathroom renovation from Your DIY Family. Substitute heavy or cheap looking curtain rings for looped leather instead.

Before beginning your leather projects, be sure to check out Leather-Working 101 for supplies, tips, and resources for both real and faux leather products. Happy crafting, friends!


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