Summer Siblings Weekend

I have distinct memories of visiting my grandparents in the summer as a kid–the smell of their home, fig newtons in the cookie jar in the kitchen with the gold linoleum floor, shag carpet in the family room, swinging saloon doors, taking baths in my grandma’s tub with the pink bottle of Avon bubble bath, sitting in lawn chairs outside their Airstream trailer at the campground where we’d visit them, and riding Big Wheels with my cousins…they always had Big Wheels for the grandkids.

Poppa made sure to get a Big Wheel to keep at his cabin, and I can’t help but smile watching Dash relive this summer memory of my own–one of the many associations he’ll make with summer with his grandpa someday.

 photo print 16_zpsiayb2yzp.jpg

I’m bad at checking e-mails these days, have thought very little of things I need to do, haven’t felt one bit of stress and–here’s the biggie–HAVEN’T BEEN TO TARGET IN A MONTH.

End cap Target specials can’t compete with this:

 photo print 2_zpsfmfygaop.jpg

 photo print 4_zpsmf4vikaa.jpg

 photo print 8_zpstc87yeup.jpg

 photo print 13_zpsbfhzq4vd.jpg

 photo print 12_zpsw0pg5ao7.jpg

We made cinnamon rolls the other morning and took them outside to share with the chipmunks.

 photo print 14_zpsdrlcuq42.jpg

It rained a few days last week, and while at home I might get a little stir crazy being stuck indoors that many days in a row, we loved the invitation here to watch movies, work on puzzles and nap in the cabin.

 photo print 26_zpsczcfl5xd.jpg

 photo print 24_zpsh7ckx0sr.jpg

The cooler temps also give us the opportunity to bust out our flannels and buffalo checks.

By the way, I said no to him climbing to the top of the teetering log pile, and he’s thrilled about it.

 photo print 20_zpso2qhwguc.jpg

My brother and sister and families came up last weekend for our siblings bash. Sacrificing more frequent family get togethers was definitely one of the biggest drawbacks of moving to Florida, but it sure does make coming home more special. All family get togethers should involve the circle huddle. Around a table, a campfire, a piano, a game board…just put them in a circle and magic will follow.

 photo print 54_zpsubththab.jpg

Also, sword fighting to balance out all that love.

 photo print 32_zps8gckoh6g.jpg

Evening kayaking with coffee…

 photo print 35_zpsaix4g67g.jpg

 photo print 36_zpsqgh6rdlg.jpg

Followed by family hot tub time…

 photo print 39_zpsc9x2gdfq.jpg

 photo print 40_zpsrm75gczh.jpg

 photo print 42_zpszappgbgo.jpg

Matchy matchy cousins.

 photo print 45_zpst2tr3z5o.jpg

And my sister who has a very special place in Dash’s heart.

 photo print 51_zpslhqtzhmv.jpg

I can’t wait to hear what my kids remember of these summers someday…

In the meantime, I’m storing so many joys and reminders of how I want to live my life. Summer will do that to you.

 photo print 38_zps1luwbin9.jpg photo print 55_zpskehzfsbo.jpg

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