Summer in Chicago

Happy Friday! We start school next week, and as much as I’ll miss these slow mornings, I’m ready to get back into a more productive schedule. This is the first year that I’ll have every weekday morning to myself, and I’m excited about what I’ll get done during that time. I know. You’re laughing, right? Those of you who also once thought that everyday morning preschool would suddenly mean you’ll have time to work out, paint a room, organize your pantry, clean up your e-mail box, write two chapters and throw together a crock-pot meal? You’re on the floor, right? I’m going to drop them off at school, run to the grocery store, look at the clock and realize it’s pick-up time already, aren’t I? Wait, don’t tell me.

Whatever the case, here are our last bits of adventures away this summer. We weren’t planning on visiting Chicago, but when it was getting closer to leave, we were all craving a good dose of big city excitement after a month long hibernation in a small town.

 photo print 2_zps5jpkxqcz.jpg

 photo print 21_zpsdpbukovq.jpg

Plus, we have cousins there, and Lainey was hoping to get some time with her bud. A little out of our way, but so worth it. Chicago at Christmastime is still my favorite, but there isn’t a bad time for this city, and summer delivered some of the best adventures Chicago has to offer kids–Maggie Daley park, Navy Pier, a symphony in Grant Park and the splash pad at Crown Fountain.

 photo print 37_zpsbege0uyz.jpg

But first, the most important attraction…revolving doors.

 photo print 79_zps74luqo2l.jpg

My lord, the little ones were obsessed. I mean, it became a problem. Like every time we passed a revolving door (which is pretty much every door in Chicago), they’d dart to spin through them before I could stop them. Around and around and around. Which is fine if around lands them back outside where I was with the stroller. But then there was that one time they went in the 4-story Forever 21 revolving doors and then took off on the inside. And I couldn’t chase them because my stroller wouldn’t go in the door (the attempt was funny). And the handicap access door wasn’t working. And I set Lainey loose to chase them, but she came back to the entrance (after 6 people helped me get in the door) and reported she couldn’t find them. And I started to hyperventilate until I heard giggling and saw feet sticking out of a rack of festival dresses.

Moral of the story: NO MORE REVOLVING DOORS.

 photo print 80_zpsgpoyhbpp.jpg

But Magnolia cupcakes and Garrett popcorn…a big resounding YES.

 photo print 27_zpsskqmeiyf.jpg


 photo print 10_zpsoikvqnzt.jpg

Nella loved how the city provided the perfect stage for her wand act.

 photo print 16_zpsp8ntnwxc.jpg

And we could not get over the fabulousness of Maggie Daley Park. It was like an entire village of play buried in the heart of the city.

 photo print 52_zps4vvqzc2y.jpg

Every time we thought we had seen it all, we turned a corner and there was another attraction. Oh, a lighthouse slide. Oh, a magical forest of mirrors. A climbing rock wall, a skate rink, a giant city of bridges and slides.

 photo print 50_zpsk3uae2pc.jpg


 photo print 44_zpsgcstfbhj.jpg

 photo print 53_zpsrdrq0sf4.jpg

We also got lucky and happened to be in the park just as an orchestra performance was beginning.

 photo print 55_zps7ho1pnjq.jpg


 photo print 54_zpsexcnai6d.jpg



And while we had planned to visit the Museum of Science and Industry (one of my favorites as a kid), it was just too beautiful a weekend to be spending time inside. So we did all the outdoor things…

 photo print 32_zps6uczfhsz.jpg

 photo print 34_zps0ntnlagt.jpg

 photo print 28_zpsfuxuebfv.jpg

…and were lucky to meet up with cousins, friends and Brett’s sister, not to mention discover that half of the people we know just happened to be in the city at the same time. We actually bumped in to our babysitter at Pizano’s, I got a text from my niece that she was at a hotel a few blocks away, and received messages on Instagram from three different friends that they were in the city too. Which just proves what I already knew: Chicago is awesome.

 photo print 19_zps4ymohuyr.jpg photo print 5_zpsoy7juell.jpg

 photo print 6_zpsefuxdvf5.jpg

That lady behind Nella thinks so too.

 photo print 14_zpsugviwlnz.jpg

 photo print 24_zpszdvl58he.jpg

Ice cream street vendors came in handy for the hot day. So did Aunt Trish who had cash when Mom didn’t.

 photo print 39_zpsgx7uithu.jpg

 photo print 41_zpsz9y1d0oe.jpg

 photo print 56_zpsb5a6akex.jpg

 photo print 57_zpsmiqk7kvv.jpg


We snagged my cousin’s little girl for our last day there and spent most of it at Navy Pier which was the cherry on our summer sundae after already experiencing lake life and cabin sleepovers.

 photo print 59_zpsejy8kizf.jpg

 photo print 60_zpsym8tzmas.jpg

 photo print 61_zpscna5qsrk.jpg

 photo print 62_zpsfiat0cm2.jpg


Nella made some huge milestones this summer. She’s been terrified of ferris wheels and wanted nothing to do with them but decided to give it a shot this time. LOVED it.

 photo print 66_zpsshgwcyoq.jpg

 photo print 68_zpszdpdk04y.jpg


 photo print 69_zpsnmzn7buu.jpg

She got off and went right for another ride she had yelled “NO!” to when we first arrived. Loved that one too.

 photo print 71_zpswcxvvwup.jpg


Even put her arms up.

 photo print 73_zpsbbdlfvbn.jpg

 photo print 75_zpsc5pp47lc.jpg

 photo print 70_zpsc4qfrmii.jpg

And just when we were ready to fold up all this summer and get ready for school next week, Nella surprised us again yesterday. She learned how to swim, thanks to her sister and friend who stayed in the pool with her over an hour, coaxing her through her fears. She swam like a confident little fish.

 photo print 76_zps8gos8tml.jpg

Happy Weekend, friends!  Let the games begin.

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