So Smart: Storage Stairs for Small Spaces

Stairs are a pretty convenient way to get from one floor of your home to another. But what do you do with that weird wedge-shaped space underneath? You could create a rather awkwardly shaped closet, or, if you want to be really resourceful, put every bit of that space to work with drawers and shelves that tuck neatly under the treads. Check out the way these eleven storage stairs make the most of a small space.

This apartment design from Mi Casa cleverly combines a staircase with a bookcase (although we wouldn’t mind a handrail).

In this Australian home from Dwell, shelves under the stairs provide a perfect spot for shoes, books, and board games.

This staircase, spotted on Yatzer, serves as a sort of divider between two rooms. There’s storage for dishes on one side, and cabinets for clothing on the other. (The way the second-to-last step extends to become a dining bench is a particularly nice touch.)

In this Japanese house from Dwell, cabinets and drawers of various sizes take full advantage of the space under the stairs. The numbered cabinet pulls are clever detail.

In this home from Leva & Bo, a stair landing becomes a secret storage spot for out-of-season textiles.

In this Manhattan loft from Inside Out, every square inch of space is utilized. Panels under the stairs conceal drawers, a slim broom closet, and some unusually shaped triangular cabinets (which serve quite well for towels and kitchenware).

This staircase, spotted on Bo Living, has ingenious sliding vertical ‘drawers’ underneath that pull out to reveal a wardrobe and shoe storage.

In this Prague loft spotted on Inhabitat, the designers managed to fit half a kitchen, including a refrigerator, oven, and wine cooler, under the stairs — with plenty of room left over for storage, too.

In this home from Inside Out, shoes are cleverly concealed in drawers that pull out from under the stairs.

The treads on this staircase, in a Belgian home from Contemporist, swing up to reveal storage space.

We’ve seen stairs like these before for small spaces, but this ingenious design by Dekleva Gregorič (via Home Adore) combines an alternating tread stair with a very unique bookcase.

In this beach house spotted on Houzz, an exceptionally steep staircase still has room for a few drawers, and a little storage, underneath.


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