10 Under $10: Life-Saving Organizers for Serious Shoe Lovers

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, especially when it comes to shoes. And while collecting cute pairs of kicks is almost as fun as wearing them, finding space-savvy (and cost-effective) ways to store them at home is a whole other story.

Thankfully, the web is filled with affordable options for organizing a vast collection of footwear—it just takes a little research. To prove our point, we rounded up a few of the most clever—and inexpensive shoe organizers we could find online for your perusal. Here are ten simple shoe storage solutions for less than ten bucks that can transform any shoe hoarders closet.

Loffersuper Portable Shoe Organizer at Amazon, $2.26

Looking for a cheap and easy way to forge some extra room shoe storage? These adjustable shoe racks from Amazon allow you to store your kicks vertically (at any angle) to help you save space and keep your shoes in shape.

Sunward Creative Plastic Shoe Shelf Stand at Amazon, $3.96

You’re already convinced your shoes are masterpieces, why not turn them into actual works of art when you’re not wearing them? These renter-friendly plastic shoe stands attach directly to your wall with durable double-sided adhesive tape and won’t set you back more than $4 a pop.

Double Hanging Hooks at Ali Express, $1.67

When it comes to cost-effective shoe storage, it doesn’t get much better than these double hanging hooks from Ali Express. Not only can you hang a pair of kicks up just about anywhere in your closet, these colorful hooks make your shoes an artful display in any space.

Oh Deb Adjustable Shoe Organizer Space Saver (2 Pack) at Amazon, $8.99

Perfect for sneakers, sandals, flats, and other low-heeled shoes, this pair of adjustable shoe organizers from Amazon boasts platform tops and bottom slots so you can store your kicks in style while keeping your closet tidy.

Ipow Boot Hanging Hooks (12 pack) at Amazon, $9.99

Finding stylish ways to store tall boots at home can be a drag, but thankfully, these Boot Hanging Hooks from Amazon can save the day. Simply clip one of these super sturdy—and super affordable—hooks to the inside of your boot shaft and voila: you’ll never have to worry about dusty boots again.

New Shoe Drying Rack Hanger Holder Hook at Bonanza, 98¢

What’s stackable, space-savvy, and only costs a dollar? These Shoe Hanging Holders from Bonanza for starters. Designed to hold up to two pairs of shoes per hook, these connectable cuties can be layered vertically to ensure maximum storage potential. Did we mention they’ll only set you back buck apiece?

Shoes Under Shoe Storage Organizer at Bed Bath and Beyond, $9.99

Searching for a cost-effective way to store your shoes without taking up any closet space? These see-through organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond let you stash up to a dozen pairs of kicks under your bed, while keeping them moisture, bug, and dust-free.

InterDesign Classico 3 Piece 2 Tier Hanging Shoe Organizer at Wayfair, $9.75

Another versatile way to show off your shoes without taking up any floor space comes in the form of this two-tiered organizer from Wayfair. Along with being lightweight and super durable, this sleek set features notched hangers—so you can layer and suspend your shoes to your heart’s content.

Rebrilliant Plastic Double Layer Storage Free Standing 2 Pair Shoe Rack at Wayfair, $9.63

What’s better than a free-standing rack that neatly stores (and displays) one of your beloved pairs of shoes? How about one that holds two pairs of shoes at a time. Simply set one pair of kicks on the top shelf of this foolproof stand and another underneath, and watch your whole closet transform into the well-organized space it deserves to be.

Lucore Shoe Stacker Space Saver Organizer (4 Pair) at Amazon, $9.99

Designed specifically to hold heels, pumps, and dress shoes, this set of four shoe stackers from Amazon will secure your shoes, help them keep their shape, and double your closet storage in seconds.



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