An Organizer’s Dream: 9 Truly Covetable Kitchen Pantries

A recent evolution in American kitchen design is the newfound prominence of the pantry, which can take the form of a cabinet to a closet to a small room unto itself. For this post I wanted to focus on pantries that are not just big, but also particularly beautiful and innovative: designs that take the pantry from a closet stuffed with food to a chief design element of the kitchen.

In this space by Megan Pflug Designs, kitchen storage gets an elegant twist thanks to bifold doors with brass trim.

This pantry cabinet, spotted in a kitchen from Neptune, is beautifully detailed, with drawers for smaller items and racks on the doors for wine and oil.

This glass case from Lodder Keukens beautifully displays dishware, cookbooks, and bottles of wine.

This UK kitchen by Middleton features a built-in pantry cabinet that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

This pantry, from the Elfa website, is so beautifully organized that I couldn’t help including it (also lead image above). Who wouldn’t want to have drawers and shelves and hooks that are exactly the right size for all your things?

From Hayburn & Co., here’s a pantry whose details (like the beadboard paneling) give it a classic style. The library-style ladder is an added bonus.

A corner of this kitchen by Plain English (via Ideal Home) was turned into a lovely, sunlit pantry.

Gorgeous glass-front pantry cabinets in this kitchen from Birmingham Home & Garden keep foodstuffs and dishware on display but also neatly organized. Drawers cut down on the visual clutter created by smaller items, and keep everything within easy reach.

And finally there’s this gorgeous glass-door pantry, spotted in an Australian kitchen from Desire to Inspire. All that perfectly aligned stemware is the stuff of design-y kitchen dreams. It’s almost too beautiful to put actual food in — but the frosted doors and pull-out drawers can help you keep things neatly out of view.


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