The Best Sources for Inexpensive Hardware to Revamp Your Cabinets and Furniture — Cheap Thrills

When it comes to updating your old furniture, a little change goes a long way. Case in point: upgraded knobs and pulls. Even though most handles are well, hand-sized, these petite fixtures still manage to offer a ton of design potential no matter where you use them. Working with a colorless kitchen but can’t afford to paint? Switch out all of your standard cabinet knobs with splashier ones and see what happens. Sick of looking at your dated bedroom dresser but desperate for the storage? Nothing a couple of cool new drawer pulls can’t fix.

Thankfully, the web is brimming with affordable and stylish hardware offerings; many of which cost less than ten bucks a pop. Read ahead for a few of our favorite places to score a fresh new set of knobs and pulls for your stuff, without breaking your bank account.

Zara Home

Turns out that along with all kinds of other stylish home goods, Zara Home also has an impressive collection of decorative knobs. And considering they come in pairs and many average around $6 (including this floral cutie), we’re guessing your wardrobe isn’t going to be the only thing decked-out in Zara.

World Market

In addition to their eclectic selection of affordable furniture, textiles and home decor, it seems that World Market also offers a solid assortment of knobs and pulls. With everything from feather-shaped drawer pulls to agate-and-gold knobs, it’s safe to say World Market is your one-stop-shop for interesting housewares.


If you’re looking for a cheap and chic way to update your kitchen cabinets in a pinch, Target has you covered. Not only does the superstore boast a sizable selection of sleek metal, acrylic, and faux marble handles, most will only set you back around 8 bucks for a small set.


Leave it to Anthropologie to have an especially whimsical (but surprisingly affordable) selection of hardware (and don’t forget to check their sale section). Along with hand-painted knobs and jewel-toned pulls, the retailer has a wide array of gorgeous glass handles—all of which only look expensive.


If you’re searching for vintage hardware or something one-of-a-kind, look no further than Etsy. With everything from Art Deco-style knobs to antique brass drawer pulls, this peer-to-peer marketplace is perfect for scoring affordable hardware that isn’t mass-produced.


Believe it or not, Amazon has a fairly decent selection of stylish knobs, handles, and pulls—many of which are Prime eligible. Even better, most come in sets of 10 or more, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your entire kitchen for around $10 total.

99 Cent Knobs

What’s better than finding an attractive 99-cent knob online? How about discovering a whole website filled with them? That’s right, 99 Cent Knobs is devoted entirely to selling snazzy cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls (such as this savvy brass stunner) with a perennial price tag of—you guessed it—a dollar apiece.


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