This New Art Subscription Turns Your Walls Into a Gallery Exhibit

Art can really personalize your space, but choosing it can be intimidating. Where to start? What do you like? Will you like it forever? If this sounds like you, there’s a new subscription service that’s got you (and your walls) covered.

Meum is a new art subscription that acts as a rotating gallery exhibit for your home. You get a frame and a limited edition piece from an emerging artist, and you can swap it out for a new one. As the company says, it’s like having your own personal museum.

If you’re not sure what you like, they can help with that, too. There’s a short quiz to determine your taste, and then you can pick your first piece from a curated list. The art (which is exclusive to the company, and limited to just ten prints of each work) ships free with Meum’s custom frame that fits all of their prints. You can switch up your art up to four times per year, and return shipping is included.

Meum was started by Medium’s former Head of Data Science and painter Mike Sall, who wanted to make it easy for people who have never collected art to enjoy it at home. With popular services like Netflix and Spotify disrupting other industries, Meum is an extension of the idea that people want access to changing content.

Especially when rising rents are closing smaller galleries, and original art can be an expensive upfront investment, Meum is a way to try out art in your home and discover new artists. Plus, the monthly fee goes into your Meum account, which you can use to purchase framed prints of the works you really love.

A Meum subscription is $28 per month, though the company’s Kickstarter rewards are currently offering annual subscriptions for as little as $224.


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