A Solar Eclipse Experience For Everyone: DIY Wall Sconce Using HEAT Trivets

Whether you’re in a prime location to see the solar eclipse or not, this easy wall sconce is a sight to see, and it doesn’t require any protective eye wear. This project is the perfect way to add layers and depth to your home lighting (can anyone say hygge?!). To top it off, it requires absolutely no wiring, and no outlet. Count me in. With the simple push of a button (or remote) you can enjoy your own “eclipse of the home” for far beyond 2 minutes and 40.1 seconds. See for yourself…

What You’ll Need

2 cork IKEA HEAT trivets
White paint
3 2-inch pieces of square dowel rod (may need to be cut to size*)
Rechargeable puck light with adhesive
Velcro and or Command Strips
Painters tape

Hand saw (*if dowels need to be cut to size)
Paint brush
Hot glue gun


Step 1. Starting with the first trivet, paint both sides of your cork white. You can also go ahead and paint your 3 dowel pieces white on all sides.

Step 2. Using the painters tape, tape off your desired design on one side of the second trivet. Make sure the tape is secure to prevent bleeding. Paint the taped side white and allow to fully dry.

Step 3. With the tape still attached, paint the backside of the second trivet white and allow to fully dry.

Step 4. Plan out the placement for the 3 dowel pieces that will serve as the anchors for your two trivets. Place them in an equilateral triangle, each approximately 1 inch from the edge for optimum stability. Check to make sure the puck light will sit comfortably inside without touching the dowel pieces. Then, hot glue the 3 dowel pieces to the all-white trivet piece. This will be the back of your light. Gently press and hold each piece for approximately 45 seconds to allow the glue to set.

Step 5. Using the 3M adhesive circle included with your puck light, remove the paper and secure in the middle of the trivet (and in the middle of the dowel pieces). Remove the paper on the other side and carefully adhere the puck light to the adhesive circle. You should still be able to twist and remove the light from the back, since you will need to make sure the light is in the “ON” position, and to ensure you can recharge as needed.

Step 6. Once your light is in place, and in the “ON” position, carefully glue the front trivet (the one with the design) to the 3 dowel pieces. Make sure the trivets align, and be careful not to press down too hard on the dowel pieces. Hold for 45 seconds or until the glue sets.

Step 7. Using your Velcro or Command Strips, remove the paper and stick to the back trivet in preparation for wall hanging. Make sure you are certain about the location of your light, as the adhesive on the Command Strips can be difficult to remove. The lights are very lightweight, so it doesn’t require much to hang them.

Step 8. Check that you are able to press the light on and off, and enjoy your new solar eclipse inspired mood lighting! When it’s time to recharge your light, simple twist the puck light off of its base and charge, following the instructions included.

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