Quality Finds: 10 Crowd-Approved “Buy it for Life” Kitchen Essentials — Hive Mind Reviews

As much fun as shopping can be, having to buy the same item over and over again is no bueno. That’s why it pays to know which products are actually worth the investment, especially when it comes to hardworking items for the kitchen.

The commenters at Reddit know all about the importance of buying quality appliances up front. They started multiple “Buy It for Life” threads for this very reason. To make your lives easier, we scoured these subreddits from top to bottom and gathered the most highly recommended kitchen supplies we could find. From a reliable can opener to a toaster that just won’t quit, here are ten Reddit-approved kitchenwares that you should only ever have to buy once.

Formerly the “Swing A-Way,” this cunning can opener has caused quite a fuss on Reddit, thanks to their low price and long lifespan. As one Reddit user explains, “I saw one from the late 70s-early 80s that was still going strong… that thing will probably live longer than I will.”

After much BIFL debate over whether or not box-handled cheese graters are better, one Reddit user chimed in with a suggestion FTW: “I’ve had the box types’ handles come off on me before. The Microplane Professional Extra Coarse Grater has a sturdy metal connection between the plane and handle. Definitely more BIFL than anything featuring plastic glued to metal!”

An oldie but goodie, the Playmate Pal Igloo cooler perseveres as a kitchen staple for a reason. Not only are these colorful coolers spacious and affordable, they’re also (as one user states) basically “indestructible.” No wonder they get so much love on Reddit!

When it comes to superior thermoses, it’s safe to say the Stanley Classic has everyone beat. Along with inspiring subreddit threads like “Built in ’86, I bought it for $1 two years ago. Still use daily!” these insulated wonders have earned a 4-and-half star average user rating on Amazon—no easy feat with over 2,100 reviews.

Few kitchen appliances can boast a BIFL thread and a nearly perfect Amazon rating, but the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handles has managed to earn both. In addition to being made of ultra durable rugged cast iron, these portable dutch ovens are far more versatile than crock pots—and can transition from stovetop to oven with ease.

Hailed by chefs and Reddit users alike as the best cutting board, Boos Block is no doubt a BIFL staple. Smooth and easy-to-clean, according to one subreddit thread, these state-of-the-art cutting boards are used in the classrooms at the Culinary Institute of America.

When it comes to BIFL-quality bakeware, it doesn’t get much better for Reddit users than Le Creuset. Although expensive at first glance, take into account that Le Creuset wares are made of high-fired stoneware—meaning they won’t shatter or crack as easily as glass—and are covered in a colorful (but non-porous) finish for an added pop of personality.

In the world of BIFL appliances, consider Dualit toasters the Rolls Royce of the bunch. Although they’re a tad pricier than your usual toaster, the design-savvy stunners toast quickly and evenly, and are built to last a lifetime. As one Reddit user explains: My great grand children will be using this thing.”

Touted by Reddit user Duper as the “gold standard for juicers everywhere,” Champion Juicers are a BIFL fave for a reason. Not only are these commercial-grade juicers heavy-duty enough to handle even the densest of veggies (carrots, anyone?) they come with an unbelievable ten-year warranty to back up the fact that they’re truly built for life.

Before you freak out over spending $450 on a blender consider the wise words of one Reddit user: “The 7-year warranty on Vitamix blenders indicates that they’re built for the long run. For comparison: the Ninja has a 1-year warranty. How much money is a warranty for the subsequent six years worth to you? I’d wager $50 a year; the price difference.”



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