Shop Like a Decorator: A Designer’s Favorite 5 Things From Target (All Under $30!) — Cheap Thrills

Target fans know how easy it is for a “quick trip” (online or in person) to turn into a long meander looking at, well…everything. It seems the only problem we might run into is figuring out what not to buy. So, who better than a hip designer to help us on our next Target shopping spree?

We called on Natalie Myers, the mastermind behind Veneer Designs, to see what specific home decor items she’s a fan of at the superstore, and her selections didn’t disappoint. Read ahead for Myers’ five favorite things (all under $30!) from Target and what she has to say about them.

But first, let’s take in a little eye candy via Natalie’s portfolio:

Okay, enough anticipation. Here are Natalie’s top 5 home decor picks under $30 from Target:

“We all know brass and gold accents are not going anywhere and your walls deserve a little bling, too. I like the simple geometric cutout shapes and I have a feeling this piece will remain timeless.”

“The perfect combination of form and function. Woven rattan is an earthy crafts movement basic that brings natural texture to the home. Offered in the form of a basket, I can’t think of anything more useful around the house.”

“I think secretly more than a few of us are clock nerds. There are too many interesting graphic directions to chase and Target makes it super hard to choose. I’m a sucker for a vintage midcentury style clock. Way easier than chasing one down at the flea market that may or may not work.”

“I would actually pay much more for these curtains that are the perfect combination of minimalist black and white with a subtle tribal embroidered pattern. It’s so me it’s scary and I actually have these hanging in my bedroom.”

“I find this pillow quite intriguing. The texture of the white cord on white fabric with ‘of the moment’ macrame is not something I would think to see as a pillow. But I’m going to embrace the concept for a season or two.”

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