A Harry Potter Shop Opened On the Real Diagon Alley

Calling all Potterheads who wish to try your hand at a bit of sorcery IRL: There’s a Harry Potter-themed shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it’s filled with a rather impressive collection of merchandise inspired by your favorite bespectacled wizard’s adventures.

Dubbed Diagon House, the self-professed “Purveyors of all things Potter” sits at the intersection of the capital city’s cobblestoned Cockburn and Victoria Streets, the latter of which served as the inspiration for the book series’ bustling shopping district, Diagon Alley.

Since the shop opened its doors in August, it’s been overflowing with eager fans who either can’t wait to pose for a selfie outside the establishment’s eloquently embellished storefront, take a look at all the wonderful things Diagon House has to offer or both. Whether you’re in search of a wand to practice your spell-casting prowess or a Potter-themed bag to lug around all the magical merch you’re bound to purchase, the film-inspired shop boasts an extensive offering of “officially licensed Harry Potter items” to bring you one stop closer to living out your witchcraft and wizardry fantasies.

The owners of Diagon House – husband and wife Andrew and Alice McRae – took over the cozy spot, which was previously an “internationally famous” brush shop owned by Robert Cresser, telling The Daily Record that the store’s design made it a perfect place to pay homage to JK Rowling’s fantasy world:

“The unique nature of this shop premises feels as if it was purpose built to offer the collection for Diagon House – celebrating the link with Diagon Alley. …This building feels like it’s found its perfect usage – you walk in and it feels like you’re walking into Ollivanders.”

h/t Mashable



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