Classic WTF: #include “pascal.h”

It’s Labor Day in the US, where to honor workers, some people get a day off, but retail stores are open with loads of sales. We’re reaching back to the old days of 2004 for this one. — Remy

Ludwig Von Anon sent in some code from the UI component of a large, multi-platform system he has the pleasure of working on. At first glance, the code didn’t seem all too bad …

procedure SelectFontIntoDC(Integer a) begin
 declare fonthandle fh;
 if (gRedraw is not false) then begin
   fh = CreateFontIndirect(gDC);
   SelectObject(gDC, fh);

Seems fairly normal, right? Certainly nothing that meets our … standards. Of course, when you factor in the name of the codefile (which ends in ".c") and the header included throughout the entire project ("pascal.h"), I think it becomes pretty apparent that we’re entering Whiskey Tango Foxtrot country:

#define procedure void
#define then
#define is
#define not !=
#define begin {
#define end }

Yeeeeeeeee Haw!  Sorry, just can’t get enough of Mr. Burleson.

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