Extremely Satisfying GIFs of Hiding Home Elements

Reading the two posts that Nancy Mitchell has written about a particular story from the Berenstain Bears, I know I’m not alone in the intensely pleasurable emotions I feel when opening a door or drawer and finding a perfectly lined-up, organized set of containers. It’s a joy matched only by the excitement of seeing an unattractive (but useful) home element smoothly reveal itself from its hiding spot…and then slide right back out of view. Sure, this post has some organizing and camouflaging ideas, but it’s also unabashedly full of some moments of sweet and simple zen.

What to do when you don’t want your television set visible

Hide it with a sliding door

Thomas Dobrowolski and Ben Ezrick share a small 400-square-foot West Village home. With so little space, they had to be smart with their storage and design. The sliding door to their bedroom also serves as a great way to hid the television away, too.

Creative couple Nicole and Dave share an industrial live/work loft in South Baltimore…and they didn’t want a big, ugly TV getting in the way of their home’s style. So they came up with a DIY that not only looks great, but functions beautifully.

Or opt for a projector screen that can be rolled up and out of the way

Projectors + screens are for some the perfect alternative to a big black television screen. And even better is when you incorporate a projector screen that can roll up and out of the way. Martin Bustamante’s Buenos Aires home is 500 square feet, and a projector he can roll up means he can keep his living area nice and airy.

Zoe Peters’ home is only 231 square feet, but with a projector screen that hides in a ceiling beam, her small space can transform into a mini cinema thanks to her smart screen hiding skills.

What to do when your home is too small for a bedroom

Choose a Murphy bed

Murphy beds can fold up and out of the way to help you reclaim floor space and make it feel like you’re not living in your bedroom. While they may have had the reputation for being clunky accessories in the past, they’re actually quite comfortable and easy to use nowadays. Daniel’s NYC apartment proves they can be stylish, too.

What to do when you don’t want your space to feel cluttered

Hide that clutter behind doors, in a tidy, organized way

All the GIFs above have the same thing in common; they took a small area of their home and maximized the space behind doors to be as organized and efficient as possible. From narrow bedroom closets that reach all the way to the ceiling, to a three-sided shelf, to a tiny studio’s work station to a home’s previously plain pantry — they’re all beautiful to see and functional to use.

More GIFs



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