Think Big: Oversized Art for Less than $100

Sometimes, a large piece of art is just the statement a room needs. Frustratingly, really big art often comes with a really big price tag. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. I’ve scoured the internet for options for oversized art, and these pieces aren’t just big to carry a corner, or a room — they’re also ready to hang, without framing or mounting, and will set you back less than $100. Really.

Above: Textile Arts makes these fabric wall hanging kits, which include a piece of fabric, stretcher bars, and instructions for putting the whole thing together. You can order the kits for all kinds of fabrics — the one above is ‘Tuuli’, by Marimekko. (You can also purchase the fabric and then buy the stretcher bars yourself at an art store, which is dangerously close to a DIY, but still quite easy to pull off. You can also, if you are so inclined, make pieces like the one on the right, which is just a poster that I got mounted on foamcore at an art store.)

In the realm of “things you can buy and then instantly hang on the wall”, there’s this 48″ x 36″ Blue Watercolor Floral By Asia Jensen ($40) from World Market. Florals can come off a bit precious, but the monochromatic nature of this one gives it a modern edge.

Less cutesy than the usual beach-themed art, this 40″ x 30″ Amalfi Bianco canvas by Judith Gigliotti ($40, also from World Market) adopts an unusual perspective.

A bit minimal, to be sure, but the perspective adds drama, and the size (almost 3′ x 3′) is quite commanding. PJÄTTERYD Picture at IKEA, $39.99.

Speaking of perspective! This picture, framed, in your choice of colors, is like a little escape within your living room — and at 55 x 39 ¼”, it’s quite large. BJÖRKSTA picture and frame at IKEA, $69

Speaking of escapes! Who wouldn’t want to escape to Notre Dame? With this canvas wall art in your living room, you are basically in Paris. “Notre Dame” Unframed Wall Canvas Art at Target, $56.95

If you like a more abstract look, there’s this colorful wall canvas. Unframed Wall Canvas at Target, $75.99

It’s not a canvas, or a framed picture, but this Textile Wall Hanging, $99.95 from CB2, at more than three feet wide and almost five feet high, certainly has a commanding size.


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