Major Bang for Your Buck: Truly Transformative Under $100 Bathroom Improvements

$100 is a perfect amount. It’s enough of a splurge to make a big difference in a room. You can create a focal point, cover something extremely ugly, or just make the space a whole lot more livable. But, if you decide to do a full room renovation later on, you won’t feel bad for putting a ton of money into it earlier. Here are some amazing projects that show what’s possible, for very little bank.

Dramatic Color: $99

When Mandy of Waiting for Martha made over her bathroom, she embraced color. Instead of the same green, she used three different shades on the walls, ceiling and trim, doors and cabinetry. The difference is subtle, but the overall effect is BOLD.

Herringbone Floor: $79.90

This patterned floor is from Jennifer of Chic Misfit’s bathroom. The inexpensive vinyl planks raised the level of of her game especially when it only costs $1.69 per square foot to look this good. The other great thing about this project is that it’s temporary and perfect for renters.

Painted Tile: £18.46

With a more extensive renovation coming down the line, London’s Boo & Maddie did a basic refresh of their current bathroom with vinyl flooring and a hacked IKEA vanity. They also used dedicated tile paint to cover over some particularly meh decorative trim —making the whole room more classic with that one move. Also lead image above.

Frosted Window: $15

If your bathroom window looks out to onto the neighbor’s yard — or even worse right into their driveway — you know all about the need for privacy. Elizabeth and her husband solved the problem with an easy solution: window film that still lets the light in, but doesn’t leave them open to prying eyes.

New Vanity Light: $20

Ashley of Bigger Than The Three of Us revamped her entire bathroom sink area for only $87, some of which was used to DIY a new vanity light. Grand Brass has made homemade lighting even easier with newly available kits to make your own sconces. The one above is only $20, plus shipping!

Marble Shelf: $40

Bathroom shelving is always welcome, but when those shelves are marble and brass? Bonus. Using some inexpensive tiles, and spray painted brackets, Laura of A Beautiful Mess added some serious style and storage to her bathroom.


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