Get On the Plant Trend With These 10 Easy DIY Hanging Planters

The plant parents of the world are all about taking good care of their green children, from “Watering Wednesdays” to giving each houseplant their own unique name. But why stop there? Why not give them some extra love by hand-making their home and giving them even more reason to thrive. Plus, who actually has an overflow of floor and shelf space to spare for your ever-growing collection?

Oh, peg board, how you continue to surprise us with your many purposes. If you do happen to have some wall space to spare, The Oh Joy! Blog (above) shows a simple (and affordable) trick for turning metal planters into living wall art.

This DIY Brass hanging planter is fun to make, and only requires a handful of supplies. Check out the full Apartment Therapy video tutorial here.

Maybe you think plywood is so 2016, but we might disagree. Alison from Deuce Cities Henhouse was inspired by a West Elm planter, but decided to make her own version using plywood, a jigsaw, and a drill.

If rustic is more your jam, The Lovely Drawer has a great tutorial for a stacked terra cotta and polymer clay hanging planter (I sense a lovely bathroom update in my near future…). See how she came up with the idea over on her blog.

We’ve been seeing moons everywhere these days, and this is no exception. Marwa Hayat of Enthralling Gumption created this beautiful clay planter using air dry clay and IKEA cork trivets. See exactly how she made this shapely planter on her blog.

Another uniquely shaped hanging planter, this Urban Outfitter- inspired project is certainly one to keep in mind the next time you bring a new plant home. See how Faith Towers created hers over on

Crocheted and beaded hanging planters have been all the rage for a while now, but it’s clear to see why: they are warm and boho, they double as wall art, and they are fun to make! Jeran of Oleander and Palm shares how she made these beaded planters over on Land of Nod blog, so take a peek.

For a slightly more unique take on the woven planter trend, how about a knotted hanging vase? Not all of us are blessed with green thumbs, so adding some fresh cut blooms seems far less daunting. View Kate’s of Minieco’s step-by-step tutorial here.

Leather accents are so luxe and yet so easy. See how you can dress up your entryways or bare corners with Laura Gummerman’s leather strap planter as seen on A Beautiful Mess.

Burkatron’s IKEA-hacked hanging planters are so easy it hurts. In just three easy steps your plant game can reach an ultimate high.


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