Stressed Out? Perhaps A Glass Cabin In Sweden Will Help

If you’re running short on ideas about how to wind down in the most effective way, Sweden is here to show us how it’s done. The same country that brought us a spectacular golden-egg shaped sauna has launched a case study called the 72-hour cabin. The project hopes to spread awareness about the cozy relationship its citizens share with nature and the benefits of indulging in some downtime by partaking in all that our wonderful planet has to offer.

The project will take several people who work stressful jobs and place them in custom-built glass cabins located in the Swedish wilderness. While there, the participants will take part in low-key activities like fishing, cooking and swimming. Meanwhile, researchers will be on hand to keep track of how all of this R & R impacts the participants’ well-being. Um, we have a sneaking suspicion that the findings will be overwhelmingly positive because this remote cabin setup basically sounds like the most relaxing vacation ever.

The lucky participants who will spend three days “off-the-grid” and away from their intense work environments include a British travel journalist; a taxi driver from Paris; a broadcaster from London; a police offer from Munich; and an event coordinator from New York.

“Year after year, Sweden takes first place in international rankings of countries with the best life quality. Swedish nature, which is clean, vast and easy to take part in, is a part of the secret, the 72-hour website reads. “The Swedes’ unique relationship with nature is an important part of their well-being, which is why Sweden has created ‘The 72 Hour Cabin’. With the initiative, Sweden wants to acquaint visitors with the special bond that Swedes have with their natural environment, and invite the world to experience it themselves.”

The “72 Hour Cabin” experiment is happening now, from September 7 through September 10, and the results will be published on October 10.

h/t Jezebel


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