Method’s Latest Collaboration Comes From Some Very Inspirational Artists

If, like us, beautiful and great smelling cleaning products are part of your motivation to keep up with the chores, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Method has a new limited edition collection out this season. This time, though, the designs come not from a famous name, but from some seriously inspirational artists.

In the past, we’ve swooned over collections from Orla Kiely and Rebecca Atwood, and this new collaboration is just as gorgeous in the design department, but with an extra special meaning.

This year, Method has partnered with Creative Growth, a non profit arts center for adults with disabilities based in Oakland, California. The limited edition collection features four scents inspired by the art of a few of their talented artists. The scents include Palm Garden, with art from avid gardener Barry Regan; a cloud printed design from Aurie Ramirez adorns Vanilla Sky; Cedar Spice is inspired by an introspective abstract from Allan Lofberg; and an intricate pointillist piece from Maureen Clay was the starting point for Jasmine Lily.

(Image credit: Courtesy Method)

“Our mission is to understand how everyone is a part of the creative community. Our partnership with method is about valuing how our artists can be seen as contemporary designers, and how their art can enrich the everyday experience of people,” says Creative Growth’s director Tom di Maria said in their announcement about the collaboration.

“Because they’re challenged in some ways, there is part of their disability that influences their work,” he says in a video about the partnership, below. “But, their work transcends their disability. When one path is blocked, others become stronger, the visual information is more focused.”

Learn more about the collection from the video below, or more about each of the artists over on Method.


The collection is available at Target through the end of the year.


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