This Modern Renovation is the Perfect Antidote to Stark All-White Kitchens

If you love the modern look but are starting to tire of all-white kitchens, then this kitchen, from blogger Molly at Almost Makes Perfect, will be a breath of fresh air. It mixes together white and wood cabinets for a look that’s fresh yet timeless — and there are plenty of other ideas worth stealing, too.

Contrasting cabinets

Mismatched upper and lower cabinets are gaining a lot of traction lately, and in this kitchen, it’s the perfect choice. Very modern kitchens in all white can sometimes have a stark, forbidding appearance. Here, the white elements keep things light and airy, while the choice of wood for the lower cabinets adds warmth and vibrancy. The matching cutting board is a beautiful detail.

A mix of open shelving and upper cabinets

Open shelving, although not new, is another big trend for modern kitchens. I’ve read the comments: some of you love it, some of you hate it. Molly’s kitchen design takes a sort of middle path, with open shelving around the above-sink window, which allows light to filter though the space, and cabinets along the kitchen’s back wall for more storage.

The new white appliances

The Bertazzoni range costs more than twice as much, but the appliance in this kitchen that really has my eye is the refrigerator. I love how it blends with the cabinets, for a more minimal look, but still draws the eye with its beautiful detailing. Right now, it seems that everyone can’t wait to get rid of their white appliances and replace them with stainless steel, but this Kitchenaid is part of a new generation of white appliances that are anything but frumpy.

Subway tile with a twist

These days, subway tile is everywhere: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the subway. There’s a reason for its popularity: it’s inexpensive, and a great backsplash material for when you want something very minimal. This kitchen features elongated, matte-finish tiles that are laid on top of each other instead of in the typical masonry pattern, a subtle tweak of the expected look that’s fresh but unobtrusive.

The rise of the range hood

If you hadn’t gathered from the fact that I’m writing this article, I’m a bit of a kitchen design geek, and one of the more interesting things I’ve seen in kitchens as of late is the emergence of the range hood as a celebrated design element. In this case, Molly had her contractor box out the range hood to match the rest of the cabinets, and made sure he lined up the top of the range hood with the top of the cabinets — a level of attention to detail that really pays off in the overall look of the kitchen.

To read more about this kitchen, see more photos, and find resources, check out the full tour on Almost Makes Perfect.


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