PBteen’s New Harry Potter Collection Is Straight Up Magical

If you’re sad another September has started without your Hogwarts acceptance letter arriving by owl, dry those tears, because we have the next best thing. PBteen has launched a new Harry Potter collection, and it’s almost as magical as the famous fictional school. Trust us, you’ll want to accio everything.

Whether you’re sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, there are a plethora of ways to show your house pride: Pennants, knit throws, travel mugs, throw pillows, lap desks, and backpacks all sport the hues and sigils of each house. If you’re more into journalistic pursuits, there’s even some bedding printed with the pages of the Daily Prophet.

And what’s a wizard inspired collection without a touch of transformation? A Marauder’s Map pillow glows in the dark, a wall cabinet takes on the look of the Mirror of Erised, a golden snitch opens up to reveal a clock, and a lap desk has some storage hidden inside.

Check out some of the magical pieces below:

  1. Golden Snitch Clock, $49
  2. Daily Prophet Sheet Set, $32.50 – $149
  3. House Tumbler, $25
  4. House Superstorage Lapdesk, $99
  5. House Knit Throw, $69
  6. House Backpack, $79.50
  7. Hedwig Jewelry cage, $99
  8. Undesirable Framed Art, $79
  9. House Pennant, $24.50
  10. House Patch Pillow, $39.50
  11. Platform 9 3/4 Pillow, $35.50
  12. Glow in the Dark Marauders Map Pillow, $49.50
  13. Expecto Patronum Pillow, $39.50



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