2017’s Most Popular Colors for Interiors (According to Instagram)

Color is having a moment. True, when it comes to our favorite interiors, eye-catching pigments have always been winners, but in 2017, it seems things have been kicked up a notch. To prove our point, we scoured Instagram, one of our favorite sources of decor inspiration, high and low looking for the most loved and shared (and re-shared) rooms and more importantly, what their color palettes seemed to be. After distilling down some of our findings, we found seven colors and combos that reign supreme, according to the ‘gram.

1. Black and White

This classic combo is a trend that perseveres for a reason. Perfect for when you’re looking for the simple brightness of an all-white interior, but with a graphic punch. A black-and-white palette works well with just about every color, particularly when warmed up with brass like @bradytolbert‘s breakfast nook, shared by @ArchDigest. No surprise then that the signature pair has been all over our IG feeds this year.

2. Sea Foam Green

Spotted in some of the most sought after interiors on IG (including this living room designed by @HomePolish), sea foam green is a subtle but cheerful way to integrate some unexpected color into your palette without overwhelming the space. Soft but sprightly, this tranquil hue has been a favorite of tastemakers and designers alike this year.

3. Millennial Pink

The most talked about color of the past year just won’t stop showing up in our IG feeds—especially in homes and at retailers like @WestElm. Millennial pink continues to captivate design lovers of all ages. A neutral that’s not as stark as white or banal as beige, it’s a soft way to integrate some color into your space and create ambient lighting for your home.

4. Greenery

Rich and bold yet organic, Greenery was named Pantone’s Color of 2017 for a reason. Along with being a design-savvy way to bring a pop of color into your home, despite its brightness, the vibrant hue still manages to look good with just about everything (we’re particularly fond of this green + yellow + fuchsia pairing seen here from @HouseBeautiful).

5. Navy

Dark inky blues might not just be the new black; they could be the new neutral. While certain shades of dark blues can feel moody, a deep navy can provide a well-balanced blend of both richness and intensity. Another trend we cosign is using the hue in kitchens—the above cabinetry is painted in Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore, from @sweeten_home via @DominoMag.

6. Charcoal:

Not as blunt as black, but impactful nonetheless, charcoal interiors have made some serious waves this season. Along with providing a great backdrop for brighter colors—think: orange, pink, and even white art, textiles, and accessories like the pieces shown here in this room by @StudioMcGee—a gray color palette forges a simple yet dramatic ambience for any room.

7. Purple

Forget the pale delicate lavenders of your childhood bedroom, this royal color is surprisingly sophisticated. Arguably the liveliest color of the season, this stunning hue makes a strong statement in any space—and all across social media—even in small doses. A chalky heather finish on woodwork and paneling (we’re using this shot from @HouseBeautiful as inspiration!) is a sure way to go viral.



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