Maximalist Bathrooms That Pack in Tons of Tile & We Love Them For It

If you’ve read a lot of my posts on Apartment Therapy, you might have noticed that I love tile. I mean, really, really love tile. So of course I’m thrilled by these bathrooms that really embrace tile — not just on one wall, or the floor, but all over. Long live maximalism — and long live tile.

Above: This bathroom by Elizabeth Roberts is full clad in geometric concrete tile, whose pattern feels a little bit Bauhaus and a little bit like something created by a mysterious ancient civilization. Pair that with the space-age-y white taps and you have a delightful, immersive, out-of-time experience.

This tile in this bathroom from Mad & Bolig, via The Style Files, is from Commune Design’s Native Collection. Using the same tile for both floors and walls is a big commitment — and in this case, one with beautiful results.

Bright green tile all over might seem like a bit of a hard sell, but in this bathroom from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg hotel, spotted on Coveteur, it’s just right. Brass fixtures lend a luxurious feel, and geometric cement floor tile adds a modern touch.

This petite bathroom, spotted on Coco + Kelley, appears to be a ‘wet room’ — a bath where the entire bathroom functions as the shower stall. So tile covering the walls is a bit of a necessity, and here it’s executed beautifully. You often see hex tile patterns like this on the floors of vintage baths, but this one wraps up to cover the walls too, creating a space that feels fresh, but with a timeless appeal.

The glossy, beveled black subway tiles that cover the walls give this bathroom from Cote Maison a dark, mysterious allure. The patterned cement floor tiles lighten things up while adding a touch of bohemian style.

This bathroom, spotted on The Cut, reminds me of the delightfully over-the-top, space agey-modern ones I used to see in my mom’s 70s decorating books. The colorblocked look, executed in penny tiles, feels a little bit modern and a little like a throwback all at once.

If you love bold statements and graphic tile, this bathroom from Elle Decoration will delight you (if it doesn’t make you a little dizzy).

Remember those 50s and 60s bathrooms, with the candy-colored tile all over, that were loved and then hated and now seem kind of stylish all over again? This design from Techne is the super-modern version of that, with a moody, luxurious vibe. If this was my bathroom I might never leave, because I could look at that brass sink, set against those jewel-green tiles, for a long long time.


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