Real-life Clothes Storage Solutions When You Share Closet Space

When you live with your partner, sharing a closet is one of those challenges that inevitably presents itself in every home — big or small. These couples below tackled the small closet challenge with functionality and aesthetic in mind, and their ideas are easy (and affordable) enough to try in your own home…whether you rent or own. See if some of their solutions will work for you.

New York couple Alicia and Marcus have a spacious bedroom, but they wanted to add a bit more privacy and storage. An IKEA PAX wardrobe unit was perfect for creating a double-sided, custom, open closet in the space, as it allows the couple to keep their clothes separate and creates a barrier between the bedroom door and sleeping area for added privacy. The couple says their biggest challenge in the space has always been storage, so adding a PAX unit was an effective renter-friendly solution that is functional and stylish at the same time.

For Charlotte and Nicolas, staying organized in a small 700-square-foot space is essential. When closet space is limited, every inch of storage is crucial, so instead of keeping their t-shirts on hangers, the couple folds them and keeps them on the top shelf within reach. Sure, this setup creates more work on laundry day (Note: I can attest to that, as my partner and I recently decided to do this in our closet), but keeping the shirts off hangers prevents the closet from looking over-stuffed and messy, which works with the bright and airy vibe present throughout the couple’s Parisian apartment.

Ron and Emily chose a more modular approach in their bedroom, and installed the Container Store’s Elfa closet storage system. Luckily, the couple’s closet is split into two separate nooks, so they were able to customize the shelving system to fit their needs (Emily, as an example, includes a small mirror on her side and extra drawers). Best of all, the couple can add or remove elements as their wardrobe changes.


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