6 Things Professional Organizers Can’t Live Without — Kitchn

Usually the solution to a clutter problem is to get rid of the clutter in the first place, not to buy something that claims to be able to help you corral the mess. That said, professional organizers have a short list of products they turn to again and again. Here are a few favorites.

“What good is all your organizing work if it doesn’t get maintained? That’s why I love my P-touch labelmaker. This way, everyone knows what goes where, and that’s half the battle.” —Kate Varness, of Green Light Organizing & Coaching

“The Sterilite Medium Sacking Bins fit perfectly into small spaces and I have used hundreds of them in all kinds of projects.” —Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet

“The VARIERA plastic bag dispenser is just ridiculously useful in American households. You might not think much of it, but there is so much real estate lost to the space under kitchen sinks that have been taken over by plastic bags.” —Darla DeMorrow, HeartWork Organizing

“All the Command hooks are amazing. My favorites are the brushed nickel ones because I like how they look. When you think you have run out of space that’s available to help you get organized, I guarantee there’s always a little spot on a wall or on the back of a door where you can use these.” —DeMorrow

“So often when you’re doing a big cleanout, you hang your trash bag on a doorknob or something, and it’s hard to use, but this Rubbermaid Utility Bag is perfect to hold open a lawn and leaf garbage bag to chuck trash into when you’re doing a big organizing job.” —Marrero

(Image credit: TONG4130/Shutterstock)

6. Your Smartphone

“One of my favorite organizing products is probably in your hand right now. It’s my smartphone camera. What ingredients do I need for a new recipe when I go to the grocery store? Snap a photo. Did I correctly input my kid’s practice schedule in my digital calendar? Check the photo I took of it. It’s so easy because I’m guaranteed to have my phone with me.” —Varness

What organizing tools do you swear by?



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