Casper Invests in Popular Mattress Review Site Sleepopolis

It’s not personal, it’s business — and when it comes to the increasingly competitive bed-in-a-box industry, Casper just told its rivals, in no uncertain terms, that they are going to the mattresses.

If you can’t beat them, buy them, seems to be the motto at industry-leader Casper, who just financed a loan to help a popular mattress-reviews website creator — JAKK Media, which runs and — to purchase another site, Sleepopolis, that had previously been sending (millions of dollars worth of) referral business to Casper’s rivals.

One of the hottest trends in home goods over the last two years, particularly among millennials, online mattresses now comprise a $15 billion industry — some say with as many as 35 brands, including Casper, now vying for dominance.

The third-party influence over these mattress-review blogs is a move that’s the culmination of several battles Casper has waged against the websites over the past two years, in an effort to continue to dominate the bed-in-a-box playing field — even if it means fighting a little dirty.

In April 2016, according to Recode, the mattress startup sued three popular mattress review sites, claiming they drove business to Casper competitors without proper disclosure that the rival mattress brands paid sales commissions to the mattress review sites — a move Casper claimed cost it millions of dollars in potential sales.

Recode also notes that (formerly independent) reviews and editorial that previously rated Casper below its competitors in any area have now been updated to promote Casper above other brands — even including newly added discount codes.

So caveat emptor when seeking out objective reviews of bed-in-a-box brands online; we do have AT reader-submitted reviews on Casper, Leesa, Novosbed, Sealy, Loom & Leaf, Tuft & Needle, and Helix in the archives for starters, plus Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell’s first person reviews of more traditional mattresses from the series a Year in Bed.


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