Inspiration File: Rustic Kitchen Islands

There’s a common design misconception that only one decor style can be injected into a room at a time. At Apartment Therapy we’re all about breaking the rules, and these rustic kitchen islands make rule-breaking look so good. These rustic kitchen islands can feel at home in a traditional, country-style space and can just as easily make their way into a sleek kitchen with modern finishes.

In Alex’s New Orleans rental apartment, a rustic kitchen table is perfect for sipping a cup of coffee in the morning (with the light shining through the windows). The distressed frame above the table and the industrial stools paired with houseplants create a warmth that only natural textures can bring to a space. They’re all anchored by the rustic table, which is also showing how islands don’t always have to be in the middle of your kitchen.

In Jana and Mariano’s kitchen, rustic and shabby chic styles are surrounded by modern finishes. Jana describes the home’s style as warm industrial, so she and her husband like to mix new and old elements. In their kitchen, the rustic island adds the vintage quality they love, but the space also feels modern thanks to the white lines found in the kitchen shelving and cabinetry.

In this Brooklyn rental, a rustic kitchen island prevents the kitchen from looking too dull and minimal. Though the all-white kitchen fixtures are clean and modern, they can easily look stale and cold when solo. The rustic kitchen table, however, provides texture, variety, and a much needed breath of fresh air to the bright kitchen space.

Jil and Jeff’s Toronto home is modern and inspired by nautical themes and Scandinavian decor. The kitchen island looks right at home and creates a nice balance between the stainless steel fridge and bold, teal pantry.

This kitchen is filled with wood accents throughout the space: the counter tops, the stools, and floors. To create contrast, various wood finishes were used throughout, as the kitchen island against the wood floors illustrates. Finally, a white marble table top and bright blue pendant lights were installed to complement the modern kitchen finishes.


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