Bite-Size Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do in A Day (For Less than $100)

Turning your kitchen into a culinary haven is something you can do bit by bit, weekend by weekend. If you’ve been itching to make some changes, but you don’t have a lot of time or a big budget, here are a handful of projects you can do with just a free day and a hundred bucks.

Of course, what you get for your money will depend on the deals you can find, so if you’re really set on a certain style or materials, you may need to be a little flexible with your budget. Regardless of what you can spend, you should be able to find inexpensive options for each of these upgrades.

Install a Partial Backsplash

Add a pop of color or texture by adding only a section of tile backsplash (like the one above from Cup of Jo), which helps cut the cost without sacrificing visual interest. Use it as a focal point and put it behind your stove or sink to draw the eye to key areas of the kitchen.

A few square feet of even expensive tile will cost less than $100 and adds a world of style and function to your kitchen. Alex, above, purchased her Spanish tiles on vacation, but you can get graphic geometric ones like the ones above from Cle Tile, which cost about $14. per square foot.

Add Some Serious Shelving

Put up a series of shelves to expand your kitchen storage. This is a great way to make use of a large blank wall, or you can squeeze a stack of short shelves into a compact space. Choose shelves that contrast your wall color for a look that stands out.

A basic wall shelf from IKEA is only $14.99, which means you can afford to fill an entire wall — perfect for cookbooks, excess dishes or decor.

Swap Out Your Sink

If you can swing it, upgrading your sink can make a big impact on your kitchen. Going for one that better fits your needs, like a double basin or a spout that sprays, can be a game changer.

There are lots of sinks out there, well under $100. This double-basin stainless model from Home Depot slides right in there for $99.

Make a Major Change to Your Lighting

Swapping out the main light for something that’s decorative and functional will change the look and feel of your kitchen. If you can’t change the overhead light source, try adding in a statement floor lamp.

Each of these Nuvo white barn lights are only $40 on Amazon. This classic fixture is a super reasonable and classic way to add style to your kitchen.


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