The Best Under $30 Buys From Amazon For Your Kitchen

Struggling with a not-so-stylish kitchen? Have a space you love, but want to tap attractive products to round it out aesthetically? Whichever situation you relate to most, sprucing up your counters and cabinets with goods that will make your kitchen look and operate better is a winning strategy (especially when any piece item is super affordable). We dug around Amazon to find 15 easy-to-buy-and-live-with items for under $30 each that’ll get your finger itching to click “Add to Cart”.

Who said drying dishes couldn’t look good? Also available in a few different sizes and colors if mint isn’t to your taste.

A sweet little honey pot to add a drizzle of joy to tea time.

You don’t always have extra cabinet space to stash food storage containers, so consider a covered bowl set like this one to keep your countertops looking chic.

Wire baskets always remind me of my youth because they were quite de rigueur, weren’t they not? A copper finish keeps this classic au courant.

A replaceable sponge head made of layered cellulose zaps lipstick stains on wine and drinking glasses easily. Plus, the bamboo handle stands on end for quick drying.

The squish stops here. Store your bread in this retro-looking metal box to keep it far away from the crushing power of falling aluminum cans in your pantry.

We love when something is practical and attractive, especially when it ups the style factor of everyday items like dish soap and sponges.

What kitchen wouldn’t benefit from a pop of copper? Keep this looker on your counters and put it to use by having it hold produce (if you find yourself using a colander every day, this might not be the best practice, but if you only need it every now and then, it’ll save you all kinds of space).

Add some spice to your spices: the oak stoppers come off to reveal dispensing holes.

Good design can live anywhere…even in your fridge, filtering your water.

Keep extra table linens, pantry items or hefty produce like onions and potatoes looking fresh in a copper storage basket.

Linen is ultra-absorbent wears like a champ over time, making it great for a high-use space like your kitchen.

If you find yourself propping your tablet up against the backsplash or a utensil canister while following that recipe, only to have it slip and plop on your messy counters, this stand is for you.

Make great use of those kitchen scraps with a small compost bin you can keep in your cupboards.

Not every kitchen has enough wall or floor space to hold a full-size trash can. For those instances, consider a smaller waste basket that also happens to be incredibly modern and stylish.


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